A study on admixtures

This is the task i choose for the assignment : A study on admixtures and their effects on structural behaviour of fresh and hardened concrete.the assignment requirements and every thing is in the pdf file attached the maximum number of pages should be 10 pagesnote The CW proposal may include:CW inputs (given data): May be written in paragraph wise or in bullets, which topic student have selected what has to be done in this assignment. (Few sentences are enough). (2 marks)CW outputs: Short paragraph (or bullets) to summarize the expected outputs of the assignment. (Analysis, calculations, discussion, research on.., etc). (4 marks)Tools: Short paragraph to mention the required tool for this assignment. (Software, Lab instruments, site visit, survey, journals, textbooks…etc) that has to be used to prepare the CW and why this tool? (1 marks)Time Plan: A student has to submit a brief schedule to show the possibility of finishing the assignment before the due date. (1 marks)Others (if any)


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