ashworth college SP180 online exam 2 latest 2013 august

Part 1 of 1 – 100.0

Question 1 of 20
5.0 Points
Listening is as important as this in the communication
A. Receiving
B. Remembering
C. Eye contact
without blinking
D. Talking

Question 2 of 20
5.0 Points
Adults spend about 70 percent of their waking time
communicating, of which _______ percent is spent listening.
A. 25
B. 45
C. 23
D. 13.3

Question 3 of 20
5.0 Points
This type of listening is usually needed when we need to
make a critical decision about something.
A. Discriminative
B. Critical
C. Emphatic
D. Pleasurable

Question 4 of 20
5.0 Points
This step in listening involves assigning meanings to sounds
according to one’s own values, beliefs, and personal history, among others.
A. Remembering
B. Evaluating
C. Responding
D. Decoding

Question 5 of 20
5.0 Points
We listen this way when we listen “between the lines” to
understand the speaker.
A. Critical
B. Pleasurable
C. Emphatic
D. Discriminative

Question 6 of 20
5.0 Points
Interpreting during the listening process is the same as:
A. encoding.
B. receiving.
C. decoding.
D. responding.

Question 7 of 20
5.0 Points
When we are bombarded with messages from various sources,
this creates a situational obstacle called:
A. environmental
B. feedback.
C. complex messages.

D. message overload.

Question 8 of 20
5.0 Points
A type of selective listening that tunes out communication
that is different from our views or does not interest us is selective:
A. perception.
B. focusing.
C. screening.
D. responding.

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