Assignment 2.1 Informative Speech Outline

Due Week 4:

Topic: How Technology Has Impacted Society

Create an outline or speaking notes in Microsoft Word.

—Download the Microsoft Word template in the “Assignment 2.1” section located in Week 4 of your course.

—Develop a specific purpose, central idea, and several main points so you’ll stay within the 3–minute time limit.

—You must use at least two quality resources.

This How the outline should be:


Sample Student Outline

Topic: Insert topic here


A. Capture your audience’s attention with a quote, anecdote, or personal experience

B. Build up to the main reason for the speech

Thesis Statement – I have now chosen to go to college at this juncture in my life because of financial, personal, and emotional reasons.

I. First Main Point – Financial Reasons

A. Secure and comfortable financial future

B. Dissatisfaction in current job

C. Goals for the future (Light, 2018)

II. Second Main Point – Personal Reasons

A. Graduating from college is an important milestone (“First in family”, 2010)

B. Make family proud.

C. Positive role model for children.

III. Third Main Point – Emotional Reasons

A. Overcome self-doubt

B. Past negative experience

C. Understanding my abilities


A. Restate thesis statement and main points

B. Summarize presented ideas

C. Conclude with compelling remark


First in family to attend college. (2010). Retrieved from

Light, M.A. (2018). Setting goals for a college student. (2018). Retrieved from


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