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Artificial and Natural Supplements Sample Essay

Exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your health. People do different kinds of training such as running, weight lifting, swimming etc.  for a variety of purposes. However, getting enough nutrients is also very important to make your training more efficient and for your body to be able to support yourself for the hard work. Since nutrients are very crucial for every person who is training, there are many types of artificial supplements that companies produce claiming that their products can provide the right nutrients for your health. On the other hand, a lot of people argue that it is better to get the nutrients from natural sources like fruits and vegetables rather than using the artificial supplements as they think that artificial supplements can have side effects and may be costly and for more other reasons. In this essay the advantages and disadvantages and the public images of using artificial supplements and natural supplements will be discussed. Artificial and Natural Supplements Sample Essay


Regarding the benefits of artificial supplements and natural supplements, there is a lot of to mention. One of the most common artificial supplements, proteins are told to be excellent for promoting muscle growth and maintaining them if accompanied by training. Once a weight lifting or any other ordinary kind of workout is done our muscles break and get damaged because of the stress of the workout. In this case, it is the amino acids that are found in proteins that do the job of recovering and healing the damaged muscles. That is how muscle growth process occurs (CSCS, J. L., Contrubutor. (2013)). In addition to that, it is unavoidable that muscle mass begin to die gradually as a person gets older. This usually leads to fat gain and raises the risk of many chronic diseases. However, this process can be slowed, prevented with the help of proper exercise accompanied by protein shakes in an adequate diet. Strength training and the consumption of protein supplements has been proven effective in preventing aging. Particularly effective are high-quality protein sources, such as whey, which is rich in a branched-chain amino acid called leucine. Leucine is the most growth-promoting (anabolic) of the amino acids. Moreover, one of the advantages of using protein shakes is that it is easier and faster to prepare. If you ever find yourself not having enough time for cooking right or not eating well, or not getting enough for your workout proteins are the lifelines in this case. Artificial and Natural Supplements Sample Essay. Most protein shakes available these days are very easy to prepare, in most cases, you just need to mix them with milk or even water and consume in no time. They can be a very helpful for those with tight schedules and those who are not very good at cooking or for those who do not know much about choosing what kind od ingredient would be good to supply the body.

For this reason, whey protein is effective for the prevention of age-related muscle loss, as well as for improved strength and a better-looking body. Therefore, artificial supplants can a great way of getting those necessary proteins that our body needs. On the other hand, some people claim that we do not necessarily need to depend on the artificial supplement while we still can get those necessary vitamins and proteins that our bodies need from natural resources like fruits, vegetables and and meat. I heard Ronnie Coleman say himself at the 2000 Mr. Olympia that real food is much more important than any supplemental. However he and I would agree that supplemental protein does have its place in a bodybuilders diet. The point that he was trying to make was that wholesome food is better than a supplement just simply because they are natural.Artificial and Natural Supplements Sample Essay

In addition to that, natural recourses such as fruits and vegetables are very simple to prepare and to eat. There is no misusage of them. You can find them at your fingertips at any place you want. One more point of the advantages of using natural sources that, you can get not only proteins and strength from them but also get a way more types of vitamins and minerals that are very useful for body as natural sources offer a vide variety of ingredients within them. By eating naturally, you can also improve your overall health condition. Besides, eating naturally would cause less money. It it is true that fruits and natural sources are not very cheap actually, however considered the fact that you would still buy them for daily uses anyway boosting the amount of the fruits you eat would cost less that the money too would spend a lot on the proteins and some kind of artificial supplements. By gaining more variety of vitamin s that are necessary for your health you would actually save the costs of having to go to the doctor treatments if you can avoid illnesses by eating naturally well enough.Artificial and Natural Supplements Sample Essay


As a coin has two sides, both artificial supplements and natural eating have some disadvantages too. For example, there is a fact that no matter how much big amount of protein we consume, there is a certain limit in how much muscle growth can occur. In other words, too much protein can be waste of effort and money.

The first thing to remember is that eating protein alone will not increase muscle.  To build muscle you have to use it.  The slight damage done to the muscle during weight lifting and other resistance activities and then healing is how the muscle grows larger, so if you are simply consuming protein powders in order to gain muscle but still sitting at home on the sofa, this isn’t going to happen.

Muscle growth requires adequate supplies of protein, however, for the majority of people this is easily obtained from food sources and there is no need to supplement powders. Adding up extra protein to our diet as a form of protein shakes can cause extra calories adding up to the level of the fat in the body. Because, extra protein cannot be stored in the body it can be extra fat unless you burn up these calories by exercising. As a result, consuming high levels of protein in the form of protein powders or even from food alone can be detrimental for our health.Artificial and Natural Supplements Sample Essay

As far as fruits concerned, of course naturally eating is very good thing but, if we can get enough from them is the main concern of the people who do training. As fruits and vegetables are ordinary people do not feel that they are actually getting enough supplements. In addition to that, figuring out what kind of supplement is included in what type of fruit or a vegetable required a quite bit of research. Also you have to eat large amounts of them to get the very needed amount of protein you need, which can actually be quite costly.

When it come to the social images of the two sources of proteins eating naturally definitely has a way hand over the artificial supplements as they have more benefits to one`s health. Artificial supplants is actually suffering from the the kind of images that it will effect your health negatively in a long run. Some people say that once you get older the or stop training the muscled gained by the help of artificial supplements will disappear very fast leaving your body shape in a very pitiful situation. In addition to that there are some sayings that artificial supplements may have side effects on your reproduction organs causing a person especially a man not being able to reproduce or having an abnormal child which is not a proven fact. However, recently the image and reputation of the products is growing rapidly thanks to the famous celebrities who advertise the supplements with perfect bodies. At the moment, almost all of the bodybuilders use artificial supplements to increase the efficiency of they workout and having an obvious good results.Artificial and Natural Supplements Sample Essay

In conclusion, despite the fact that artificial supplants may have side effects have some disadvantages people who want to workout hard usually chose to use them as they give them enough protein to recover and confidence that they are actually supporting their body with enough supplements. Also, they can know exactly what they should and are eating as the companies that produce them provide a detailed description of the content of the products they produce. While fruits and natural sources of proteins are the best way to make our workouts count, and to stay healthy it can be a bit hard to believe that they can provide enough proteins if a person if working out more than ordinary people, and also they are a bit time consuming in terms of preparing as well as not sure what proteins can what kind of fruit provide and are they enough. Artificial and Natural Supplements Sample Essay

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