Assignment Help | AUDIENCE The audience for this assignment is your instructor.

  • AUDIENCE The audience for this assignment is your instructor.
    • Introduce yourself and Identify your academic and career interests
    • Acknowledge receipt and review of course syllabus
    • Demonstrate your skill with composing professional correspondence.
    • Develop professional correspondence according to tech. comm techniques
    • Tailor correspondence to the requests of a specific audience
    • Compose and revise message to ensure concision and clarity


  • The message must contain the following elements:
  • ●To: (Professor Wildy)
  • ●From: your PGCC student e-mail
  • ●Subject: Subject should identify your course, section, and the purpose of the correspondence
  • ●Body: The body of the email should contain the following elements
  • o Salutation – a professional greeting that is appropriate for the audience
  • o Purpose paragraph – a paragraph that describes the purpose of the correspondence
  • o Descriptive paragraphs – paragraphs about you and your writing skills.
  • Paragraph 1: Description of your academic and professional interests.
  • Paragraph 2: How has your previous experience as a writer prepared you for this class?
    • A statement that confirms receipt and review of the syllabus

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