Assignment Help | Choose some aspect of your life and analyze the extent to which and the way in which McDonaldization has occurred.

Choose some aspect of your life(work, school, health care, religion, entertainment, etc.) and analyze the extent to which and the way in which McDonaldization has occurred.

Here are some tips for doing well.

1. Begin by describing the setting–the school, workplace, clinic, etc. In doing this, “show off” your sociological vocabulary. Use concepts from the text as appropriate. Try to paint a vivid, compelling picture of the organization or institution you are analyzing.

2. Use all four elements of Mcdonaldization,(presuming they all apply). If you think that some aspect of McDonaldization has not (yet) invaded your area, explain why. Part of the art of writing a good paper is to display your mastery of the book.


3. Provide specific citations (i.e., page numbers) for material that you take from the Ritzer book, either as direct quotes or as general use. Double check all quotes for accuracy., and be sure to use quotation marks to indicate where your language stops and someone else’s begins.

4. Provide details. For example, if you are describing a workplace in which a prescribed script is followed, be sure to reproduce the script. If there is a dress code, tell me what it is.

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