ASSIGNMENT HELP | Consultant Report Topic – Earth System Engineering

Choosing a topic is to pick one that you’re interested in, and that is complex enough to involve the kinds of analyses and systems perspective that industrial ecology requires. Pick an Earth Systems topic which is both broad in scope and also contains a wicked side, complex feedback loops, high degree of interconnectedness and then present environmental and social impacts Once you pick your topic…. then pick your client! You are being hired by your client to write this report

You will analyze the topic and then provide specific recommendations to your client on what they should do in the future a report, between 3,750 and 5,250 words of text, 1.5 spaced, bibliography should include at least five sources, of which at least three are peer reviewed or equivalent quality, Example of topics –Florida Everglades and sugar cane – engineered system–Floating island country/cities – engineered system–Trans Africa railroad – engineered system–Lethal robots for military use – technology system–Colorado River water management across western states – engineered system–Military drones or robots–Self driving vehicles–Pick a company – Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Tesla, Monsanto, etc….–Hurricane or Earthquake relief–Infrastructure project (roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, etc)–Agriculture topic–Mining topic–Space exploration–Trade wars–Arizona or Phoenix futureDue Dates September 16: Outline

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