Assignment Help | Describe the chosen individuals background and history to date.

3. Demonstrate how the therapeutic/theoretical approaches chosen in part two provide a structure or guide the nursing care provided in :-
a. Assessment of needs.
b. Identification of aims/goals
c. Therapeutic nursing interventions
d. Clinical review
4. Explore the therapeutic efficacy of the current clinical environment or service where care is being provided. Consider possible alternative service provision options and discuss whether they may or may not be more beneficial for the individual.


Assessment guidelines

1. Describe the chosen individuals background and history to date.

Guide There should be a brief but thorough description of the facts, events and reasons that brought the services user into the mental health services. This will include the information normally collected in an initial assessment and include demographic details, recent history, past history, family set up, social networks, risks, etc. It will provide an overview of how the service user came into the MH services and what or if they have used the MH services previously, what was efficacious on those occasions.

2. Provide a detailed analysis of the individuals current psychological, physical and social needs at this time by selecting and using published therapeutic/theoretical approach/s.

Guide Each of the cases can be understood in the context of a theoretical position which can help us as Mental Health nurses to understand, be able to explain and therefore be in a better position to assist our patients. You must consider what may have been happening in the service useras life that has resulted in their present condition. This may have been in the distant past or recent past or currently happening. Once you have established this, look at the various theories that have been proposed that offer an explanation for why the service user may be in their current position. You will then be required to offer a theoretical perspective to explain what is happening with the individual in question.

Eveloping autonomous practice in mental health nursing
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