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English Literature and the Environmental Humanities
Themes such as identity and inclusion, and the interpretation of culture and heritage. Accordingly, projects with an ethical, inclusive, and/or environmental focus are prioritised. With this PhD studentship, the University aims to further consolidate the work of the Green Voices Research Group. Applications are invited to address one of the following briefs.
Ecologies of Genre
Environmental consciousness is not only to be found in the external contexts of literature, but also embedded and articulated in textual practice. Literary research at Worcester includes notable strength in textual criticism and in the theories of form and genre, which can stimulate a productive dialogue with environmental concerns. Research proposals are invited which address the intersection of ecocriticism and the study of literary forms and genres, including: modern Gothic; historical fiction; fragmentation and open field poetics; the poetry of landscape, place, and space; early modern drama and poetry; and contemporary creative practice, such as spoken word and performance poetry, hypermedia, and creative non-fiction. Critical projects with a creative practice element will also be welcome.


Narratives of environmental injustice
Research proposals are invited on the representation of environmental injustice in British and/or Irish literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. While critical attention to environmental injustice has been prevalent in American literatures, the theme has not been as widely explored in relation British and Irish contexts. There is the potential for highly significant new work on a range of related themes, including urban poverty, anti-pastoral and counter-pastoral, famine literature, industrial fiction, the slum, and other material ecologies. Research proposals on historical themes such as migration and diasporic writing, health and ability, in relation to environmentalism would also be welcome.
Your research proposal should locate your project in relation to appropriate contexts and existing scholarship in the field, making a claim for the originality and significance of your proposed research. An indicative / preliminary bibliography of primary and secondary texts should also be included (excluded from word limit).

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