BUSI301 Discussion Board Forum Instructions

BUSI301 Discussion Board Forum Instructions

In Fredrick’s circumstances I would advise him to push with the lawsuit. Providing that the work he did as an assignment was time stamped and documentation of the work and the meeting time the student had from his professors. (Melvin) The lawsuit would a case of young adult verses collagen professionals. Although this would a case that differed from the business view I could deliver the proof would in Fredrick’s favor.

Proverbs 20: 03, “It is one’s honor to avoid strife, but every fool is quick to quarrel.” (“World Wide Study Bible, 2020)Part of being a disciple of the Lord is holding truth to his word. Also, discerning the gift of grace and justice for what is good and one’s honor. Avoiding the wrong doing is a choice for Fedrick, he is able to make this decision on the basis on the importance of the ‘quarrel’ and what outcome he was looking to have. In a biblical worldview we are able to provide refinement of grace. It would be a choice that Fredrick at a young age wants to process a lawsuit, I believe he could find a local professional that could advise him. Over all that is under the discernment of Fredrick.

For the student going to a formal setting that the lawsuit will provide will give him them a basis to take the circumnutates serious. There are situations were giving grace to a fellow brother is part of being the hands and feet of god. After reading the suggested work from Szto I find no errors I just believe Fredrick should take this case to the lawsuit. There is a responsibility that in business you do have to protect your own hard work and ideas if the lawsuit is the steps this student needs to take to protect his work from the professors I think Fredrick has good ground to stand on and that is the advice I would provide the student with.


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