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Project 2: Info and Photos

A lot of the work done by a digital forensic investigator is done “in the field,” and documentation is crucial.  For the purposes of this project, you are an employee of Widget Corporation, assigned as a technical specialist to the company’s Intellectual Property and Compliance section.

In this case, assume you have received a report from Mr. Iam Helpful, Human Resources Specialist, Widget Corporation, of suspected child pornography on the laptop computer of Mr. Isure Didit, Marketing Department, Widget Corporation.  Review the photos attached.  Assume that you are collecting the two items (which belong to Widget Corporation but are assigned to Mr. Didit) seen in the photographs as evidence in what could become a criminal investigation (if analysis finds evidence of a crime that would then be presented to a law enforcement agency for further investigation and – hopefully – prosecution).

Using the forms provided in the Course Content area, as labeled, document the collection and further treatment of the items in the photographs, in as descriptive a manner as is professional and appropriate for a case that may be referred to law enforcement.  To satisfy the requirements of this project, you will submit three (3) items (plus any supporting documents):

1.A narrative of at least one (1) page (no cover or reference page is required; 12-point “normal” font and margins) in a professional report style (of your choosing) detailing (at a minimum): how the evidence was located (you can make up the details, consistent with the scenario); the nature and description of each piece of evidence; under what authority the evidence was seized (again, you may make up the details, consistent with the scenario); how the evidence was preserved or packaged; how the evidence will be transported from the scene; and how you plan to store the evidence safely pending examination.  Fill out and use the hard drive and removable media worksheets (both attached for your convenience in the Course Content area) to support your narrative (please submit the completed worksheets along with your narrative).

2.A completed Evidence Collection Document (attached in the Course Content area in both .PDF and .DOC formats for your convenience), documenting the evidence and establishing chain of custody from Mr. Iam Helpful, Human Resources Specialist, Widget Corp., to you as the investigator.

3.A completed Request for Service worksheet (an fillable example from the State of Maryland is provided for you in the Course Content area in the “Forms” posting for this project), wherein you can request that analysis be performed on the evidence you collected to determine whether there is indeed contraband images on Mr. Didit’s media. Feel free to make up details that are consistent with the scenario in order to complete the request form with appropriate data.  In this respect you have some “writer’s license.”

The central theme in this exercise is understanding the collection of digital evidence, transfer/handling of digital evidence, differentiation of non-digital evidentiary items collected separately, and the methodology of preservation of the evidence. You will convey this in your submission of the narrative.  Relative to the “professional” report style, you can simply use APA formatting if you don’t have your own format style.

Include citations related to your reading that are applicable to what you use in your narrative (APA style on all references used).

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