Career Planning Report Assignment

Career Planning Report

Your report should follow the following guidelines: • No more than 4 pages • Font: Times New Roman. • Font size: 12 • Double spaced. • Must include a table of content and Appendices • Submission date: Week 4

1. Self-Knowledge and Career Exploration You must complete Holland Code Career Test and reflect on the results. You can find the test in the following link: . Attach the results in the Appendices. Discuss the following in this section:

• Values and workplace preferences based on the Holland Code Career test results. • Identifying skills and interests of your preferred career options based on the results. • Create a career goal based on the results.

2. Develop a Personal Brand

In this section discuss the following: • What is a personal brand? • Understand your brand and develop one. • Suggest ways to communicate your brand.

3. Build Skills for Any Career

In this section discuss the following: • Transferable Skills • Workplace Culture • Reflect upon your Holland Code Career Test results and your career goals and

identify the skills needed based on that.

4. Career Portfolio/Resumes & cover letter In this section discuss the following: • Organizing information for a résumé or job application. • Build your own résumé. • Write a cover letter.

5. Networking & Job Search Strategies

In this section discuss the following: • Career search strategies and identify the best strategy for your case based on your

career goal.

• Build your LinkedIn page and include the screenshot of the final page in the Appendices.

• Networking and its success strategies. • Develop your business card and attach it in the Appendices.

6. Interviewing

In this section, discuss the following: • How to prepare for an Interview. • What are the interview styles? • How to Handle Interview Questions.


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