Change and Conflict Management

This chapter of my paper is supposed to be, what did you find out in your research? This is a systematic reporting of the findings of your research. This chapter is supposed to discuss the findings with the quantitative survey that was taken by 20 different subjects. I have attached an excel spreadsheet with the survey questions and responses.
This paper should also include graphs based on the survey questions findings.
Proposal Research Questions
Research Question 1: How comfortable are you, in general, with dealing with differences of opinion and disagreement? Can you provide a work-related example that illustrates your comfort level?
We are questioning to determine the interpersonal skills of the candidate. The effective coworker and leader and how they solve problems and conflicts with his or her peers. The applicant can demonstrate that they have built effective relationships with supervisors and reporting staff. Based on the answers, we can judge what kind of person the candidate is in the context of others in the workplace and how well the deal with conflicts within the workplace.
Proposal Research Question 2: How do you lead a change when the impact of the change is unclear?
One of the most vital roles of leadership is to anticipate the organizations future and its place, and then to formulate strategies for overcoming challenges that have not yet manifested. To proactively respond to these challenges and unexpected changes, organizations and leaders must continually reinvent themselves. Leaders must encourage employees to join a constant questioning of the prevailing business assumptions. They also need to be ready to act upon new opportunities early in the game to maintain a competitive advantage.

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