The recent past have seen many new technologies taking
shape and cutting a niche for themselves. The entry of social media clearly
replaced face to face communication. Few insurance companies have been
reluctant to insurance cloud privacy and security related acts because of the
level of their magnitude of threats to cloud privacy and security. The few cloud
security issues and policies, however, provide businesses with coverage for an
area of growing private and public concern: the physical damage and bodily harm
that could result from a successful cloud privacy and security -attack against
critical ICT infrastructure. There is no business that is immune to threats of
cloud privacy and network outages and data breaches; in fact, studies show that
small businesses are the main victims. The impacts are often devastating,
ranging from lost business opportunities to customer revolt, and from a damaged
reputation to stolen data and funds. Repercussions can even lead to people
losing their jobs. Considering these potential repercussions, investing in cloud
security may be a wise investment for any company in this generation. It mitigates
many of the costs associated with investigating and resolving a security

Keywords:  cloud privacy and security,
data security, innovation,


The passion to choose this topic was
driven by the lack of adequate literature on this field. Many new
technologies are vulnerable. It is prudent to ensure that before acquiring any
gadget that you are able to uninstall any preinstalled spy ware material that
may be used to compromise your data and make you vulnerable. Recent
developments has proved critical more so when it comes to use of business
analytics and intelligence services. Studies from the industry can attest to
this. A survey conducted on four thousand experts in information technology)
professionals from 25 industries in 93 countries put analytics among the major
developments to arise over the last decade. Information proves powerful.
Information remains one of the most important assets that an organization can
have and which can be used for the benefit or to the detriment to the business
depending on who is in possession (Chen, Chiang & Storey, 2012).

New Threats

Some of the most notable new threats include loss of data or
manipulation of the data to suit the narrative of the hacker. In this 24/7, fast-paced world of business,
customers are reaching out to you at all hours in need of assistance, resources
and advice. One bad experience can kill a customer’s trust and have them
packing for a competitor. That’s the last thing anyone in business wants. We
are living in the pivot point of exponential technological changes. Crime has
not stopped.

New Vulnerabilities

Criminals have just changed tact.
Thieves who used to steal chickens in the village have become techno savvy.
They no-longer steal chicken in the field but they steal it online through
electronic transfer, fraud, social engineering. Servers and the cloud must be
protected to fend off hackers (Kumar,2017). No organization
must let its servers to be attacked by hackers, ransom ware or spyware as this may
have adverse effects on an organization’s customer base and ultimately profit.
“As one tech-company CEO famously put it, only the paranoid survive. But obviously
it’s not enough just to worry about cloud privacy and security breaches Kolhar,
Abu-Alhaj & El-atty (2017).

New Solutions

The challenges experienced in the cloud security and
privacy industry have necessitated several changes. The changes have birthed
solutions which are sustainable and capable of barring the attacks from
reaching the people (Sahmim & Gharsellaoui, 2017). The
best survival strategy for information protection is to make sure you have a
cloud privacy and security strategy, and most companies don’t.” Technology has
made it possible to send many mails in just a second or even millisecond unlike
we used to do before. This has made it possible for hackers to work overtime to
catch up with this rise in internet email users (Gupta & Jha , 2015).

GATT Chart

Gatt chart is a project management technique that uses
the chart to optimize project completion within the shortest time possible and
with no extravagance in the allocated resources Senarathna, Yeoh, Warren
& Salzman (2016).  The
reluctance by most companies that provides insurance cover to include cloud
privacy and security as part of their policies proves detrimental. According to
Daima et al, 2006, this kind of insurance often referred to as stand-alone
has been very useful as it helps subrogate and compensate victims of cloud
manipulation, data theft and other forms of data breaches like artificial
viruses. It also insures against damages caused by fire and natural disasters
like floods.

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Project initiation 26/03/2020 29/03/2020
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Contract milestones 16/04/2020 23/04/2020
Submittals 24/04/2020 08/05/2020
Design and Engineering of cloud security and privacy prototype 09/05/2020 30/05/2020
Procurement 16/05/2020 01/06/2020
Design of cloud security and privacy prototype 02/06/2020 16/06/2020
17/07/2020 20/08/2020
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Intranet 27/07/2020 04/08/2020
Testing 1 18/07/2020 21/08/2020
Testing 2 27/07/2020 04/09/2020
Closeout and Official commissioning 10/09/2020 20/089/2020

Work breakdown
structure (WBS)

Work breakdown structure breaks down a big project into
smaller portions that are manageable. Work breakdown structure ensures that
there is a smooth flow of tasks and project components to ensure maximum gain
and minimum loss on resource exploitation (Day, Schoemaker, &
Gunther, 2000). It ensures the project managers do not lose track or
critical deliverables and do away with misconceptions.

Figure 2: Work
break down structure

Figure 1: WBS (source: Self-developed)


Milestones are major achievements
that have been attained in the technology front. Some of the major
technological milestones to ensure maximum security in cloud privacy and
security  include 5G, robotics,
artificial intelligence, algorithms, double authentication, server less
computing, machine learning and simplex algorithms to ensure data safety.
Technologies such as virtual private network (VPN) were made so that people
using the internet may not be threatened by matters such as intrusion into
their privacy. VPN enables an individual to extend his or private network
through a public network without anybody being able to locate his or her Global
positioning system (GPS) location. VPN is made available to Firefox, Microsoft
windows, mac OS, iOS and Androids (Böhme & Schwartz, 2010). It is
compatible with electronic gadgets such as offline and online gaming, routers,


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