Communicable Disease

Communicable Disease: 1-Describe the three focus areas in Healthy People 2020 objectives that apply to infectious diseases. 2-Describe the chain of transmission of infectious diseases. 3-Types of immunity, including herd immunity.

4-Identify nursing activities for control of infectious diseases at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of prevention.


READ – TEXTBOOK (PP. 488-514)
acquired immunity, p. 498
active immunity, p. 498
agent, p. 494
antigenicity, p. 496
cold chain, p. 501
communicable disease, p. 495
communicable period, p. 495
control, p. 499
direct transmission, p. 496
elimination, p. 499
endemic, p. 495
environment, p. 494
epidemic, p. 495
eradication, p. 499
fomites, p. 496
herd immunity, p. 498
host, p. 494
immunity, p. 497
immunization, p. 500
incidence, p. 495
the incubation period, p. 495
indirect transmission, p. 496
infection, p. 495
infectious disease, p. 495
infectivity, p. 496
isolation, p. 497
latency, p. 495
multicausation, p. 494
natural immunity, p. 497
notifiable infectious diseases, p. 499
the outbreak, p. 495
pandemic, p. 495
passive immunity, p. 498
pathogenicity, p. 496
portal of entry, p. 493
portal of exit, p. 496
primary vaccine failure, p. 498
quarantine, p. 497
reservoir, p. 496
resistance, p. 497
secondary vaccine failure, p. 498
susceptible, p. 497
toxigenicity, p. 496
universal precautions, p. 497
vaccination, p. 500
vectors, p. 496
virulence, p. 496

Substance Abuse

1-Describe the current social, political, and economic aspects of substance abuse.


READ – TEXTBOOK (PP. 515-541)
abstinence, p. 530
addiction, p. 525
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), p. 533
delirium tremors (DTs), p. 529
detoxification, p. 530
dual diagnosis, p. 538
harm reduction, p. 534
mutual-help groups, p. 533
National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), p. 520
social consequences, p. 519
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), p. 520
substance abuse, p. 519
substance abuse treatment, p. 528
War on Drugs, p. 520

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