Conflict Analysis

Choose one particular incident or some connected incidents to describe and analyze a particular conflict in which you were (or are) personally involved. Workplace experiences are particularly valuable situations in the learning process. You may change the names of individuals and companies to protect confidentiality (please communicate this in some form). Your situation should be based on something that happened (or is happening) this year. The conflict does not need to have been fully resolved yet. Use course materials and PAN readings to help in your analysis. This means that course concepts/terms should be used to frame the conflict.

Analysis should include: 1) brief description of the situation; 2) identify key elements impacting the conflict; 3) analyze how these affected your ability to resolve the conflict (or not); 4) explain the lessons learned that will help you in future conflicts. [2-page max, single-spaced, double-spaced between paragraphs.].

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