Data driven decison making. Case study

The format of the individual case study: 1) You will write a maximum of 5 page report with the following sections, and answer the questions that follow. 2) You will then record yourself presenting a 3-5 minute overview of your problem statement, (I will re record it in my voice) conclusions and recommendations, and the forecasting method you believe should be used.In order to complete the assignment, first read the case write-up for the “Las Vegas” case. Then follow the individual case study analysis requirement document and answer the questions listed below for each part of the case. Part 1 refers to an executive summary, problem statement, and recommendations. Part 2 questions refer to the specific forecasting methods. Part 3 questions refer to analysis using MAD, MSE and other error methods. Your answers must be entered directly into this Word document below each question. Insert each answer below each question on this document and use as much space as needed. Some questions require the revision, or analysis of an Excel spreadsheet. Submit your completed Word document and the Excel spreadsheets to the Canvas assignment box before the posted deadline. You may submit additional Excel spreadsheets if you feel they are necessary to support your answers.Executive SummaryThis section should appear on a separate page at the beginning of the report. It should be limited to a maximum of 200 words and give a very brief summary of the background, the problem, the method of analysis and the recommendations. Please note that this summary must have all four of these elements.ProblemA succinct statement of the problem/ dilemma/ issue should be stated here. Be careful to identify the real problem and not the symptoms of the problem. Define a problem statement, which reflects the challenge facing Denis as he prepares to replace his oldest vehicles.Conclusions and RecommendationsIn this section, the recommended solution to the problem or resolution of the dilemma should be presented. The reason for the recommendation should be justified and the implications of the solution articulated. Be sure that your recommendations are related to the stated problem and avoid going off at tangents.


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