Demonstrated understanding of all content All points elaborated Only relevant information given Original ideas & thoughts presented Effective solutions supported by appropriate references

Public health determinants research paper .
Choose a public health issue a population and a population group of personal interest. You will be required to choose: 1. A specific communicable disease non-communicable disease or injury 2. One of the following populations: Australia Another country or global region 3. A population group identified at higher risk of that disease or injury for example: Indigenous people Refugees and/or internally displaced persons Migrants Men Women Infants and/or children Adolescents and/or young adults Seniors (i.e. older adults and elderly people) Commercial sex workers Injecting drug users Prisoners People in a particular geographical location (e.g. rural remote urban slums)
It is Curtin policy that assignment work previously submitted in part or total for another unit will not be accepted as credit for this unit. It is essential therefore that you do not chose the same topic as any assignment that you have completed or will complete this semester for other units such as Concepts in Health Promotion Planning. If the topic is similar you must ensure that no parts of your assignments are copied word-for-word from one to another. The purpose of this assignment is for you to investigate the major environmental and/or social determinants of health which contribute to the high prevalence/incidence of your chosen public health issue (communicable disease non-communicable disease or injury) in a particular at-risk group within your chosen population. Discuss any health risk factors and health behaviour/s involved. Link these risk factors and behaviours to the environmental and social determinants that you have identified. You may need to start with identifying the risk factors and behaviours and then finding which environmental and social determinant impact on them. Draw a conclusion as to which determinants contribute the most to developing and maintaining the public health issue that you have chosen.
Take care not to choose a population and issue for which the public health intervention is so effective that no current determinants can be discussed e.g. a communicable disease in a population that has an almost 100% effective universal vaccine cover for that particular disease. You are able to mention biological determinants (e.g. genetics age) as contributing factors which interact with the environmental or social determinants but you are unable to explore them in depth. You are required to present information presented in the published literature. It can be very frustrating particularly if you have vast clinical experience working with your chosen population group but you cannot write down information that you personally know or that practitioners working in the area are all aware of. It is important for you to spend time exploring the published literature and draw your conclusions from evidence presented in literature that we can all access. You are required to locate select and clearly present relevant information from a range of current peer-reviewed and reputable sources journal articles books and reports from reputable university/government/international organisations. Find the most current information on that issue that you can. Ensure that you are not basing your argument on information that was later disproven or moderated after further research. Most of your references would thus be published within the last 10 years. It is possible for you to cite older information if you find early studies that were never repeated once a fundamental idea was proven or original publications of theoretical or conceptual models that form the basis of current public health practice. It is expected that you will source your information from at least 15 appropriate sources. Take care not to overuse websites (use no more than 4) and to only use academically credible websites. (Note that if you have downloaded a report as a PDF document from a reputable website for example WHO or AIHW it counts as a report rather than a website. Write the URL in the reference in the reference list though!).
Note: while you are searching the literature in your chosen area note or save any mention of successful public health interventions that you might find. You may use these references in Assessment 2.
You are expected to: introduce the issue; develop a thesis (main idea or position taken on the issue) by presenting relevant information in a clear and organised manner; cite and reference evidence to support your comments; and draw a logical conclusion.
Please summarize and present information in prose. DO NOT include any graphs tables or flowcharts.
Present your paper in accordance with the requirements described in Faculty of Health Science assignment presentation guide. You are expected to follow the guidelines on the writing style required by the guide and to write using appropriate non-discriminatory language. Submit your paper with a title page with declaration contents page numbered headings and subheadings and a reference page.
Note that the 2200 word count is NOT to include the title page contents page or reference page but the word count DOES include in-text referencing (i.e. author-date citations).
If you have any questions after reading the relevant sections of the Guide to Assignment Presentation please ask your tutor. Time will be set aside in class to discuss assignment requirements and this will be recorded for external online students. Marking criteria and feedback guide: You will be marked on the following criteria: development of your thesis (main idea); content knowledge; development of ideas; logical organisation; and use of information sources. Marks will be removed for poor citation referencing and written style. Carefully read the feedback guide for this assignment under Assessments in Blackboard to ensure that you have met all the required criteria before submitting your assignment.
Foundations of Public Health FEEDBACK GUIDE: Assessment 1 Public Health Determinants Research Paper
Student name: ___________________________ Student number: _________________________
Fail: skills not demonstrated 0%
Fail: some skills evident 25%
Pass 50%
Credit Distinction 75%
High Distinction 100%
Brief summary of: chosen public health issue statistics & population group
Discussion of relevant health determinants (including social & environmental determinants risk factors & behaviours)
Development of ideas: Clear linking of social & environmental determinants to the health issue risk factors & related behaviours
Grading criteria for the above sections: Development of thesis content knowledge & development of ideas
Lacks thesis (position taken or ongoing idea) Lacking in examples reasons or evidence Unable to demonstrate understanding of content Only a few general points made Factual errors presented
Vague thesis position unclear Inappropriate or inconsistent use of examples reasons or evidence Demonstrated understanding of limited content General points made Little or no specific details given Irrelevant information given Inappropriate references used
Clearly stated thesis Adequate examples reasons & evidence Demonstrated understanding of most content Some points were elaborated with details Mostly relevant information given from appropriate references Some original thought presented
Effectively presented thesis Well supported by appropriate examples reasons & evidence Evidence of critical thinking Demonstrated understanding of all content All points elaborated Only relevant information given Original ideas & thoughts presented Effective solutions supported by appropriate references
Effectively & insightfully presented thesis Thesis well developed using excellent examples reasons & evidence Outstanding critical thinking demonstrated Demonstrated well developed understanding of all content Insightful discussion of fully elaborated points Clear & detailed information Many original thoughts & ideas Effective solutions supported by excellent references
Organisation Disorganised Little or no structure Jumps from topic to topic Goes off topic Difficult to understand what is being argued No introduction No conclusion 0
Poorly organised: information seems out of order & argument does not flow Poor paragraph construction Weak introduction Weak conclusion
Adequate organisation: most information in effective order & argument flows Most paragraphs well constructed Adequate introduction Adequate conclusion
Strong organisation: all information in effective order & argument flows well All paragraphs well constructed Effective introduction Effective conclusion
Excellent organisation: argument flows powerfully & seamlessly Extremely well constructed paragraphs Highly effective introduction Highly effective conclusion
Appropriate references No references Only inappropriate references used References do not support thesis 0
1 -14 appropriate references support thesis & comments
1 2 3 4
15 appropriate references support thesis & comments
16 -18 appropriate references support thesis & comments
6 7 8
19 20 or more appropriate references support thesis & comments
9 10
Correct paraphrasing APA citation & referencing
Lack of citations & references Inadequate paraphrasing Plagiarism 0
Major errors
Possible plagiarism 1
Significant errors
Possible Plagiarism 2 3
Minor errors
Fully correct
Writing style: grammar spelling & use of language
Major difficulties in English language expression seek assistance urgently
Significant errors work to develop your English writing skills
Minor errors proof read before submission
No errors & adequately written 3
Well written 4
Understanding enhanced by excellent use of language
Word Count: 2200 +/- 200 words (2 marks removed for every 200 words over 2400) Note the feedback circled above
Extra comments:
SCORE: /100 = /35%




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