Develop 6 -12 brand identity elements you feel represent the values the company wishes to portray

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From reviewing the website, and your personnel knowledge of a hospitality business state 6 to 12 brand identity elements you feel represent the desired brand identity, chose three of these that represent the core identity and develop a statement that represents the brand essence. You should provide support for your choice of the brand identity elements.

Go to the company’s website, annual report (if a publicly traded company), other publicly available material to learn about the company. The assignment will be easier if you choose a website that contains enough information to allow you to gain enough insight to complete the assignment. Look at information such as external communication to its customers, internal communication to its employees (hiring site if they have one), and the customer the company is trying to attract. Also, look at the following if they have them; mission, vision, credo and other information that helps to develop the brand image. Cite the different parts of the website you referred to as part of this process.

Develop 6 -12 brand identity elements you feel represent the values the company wishes to portray. From these choose 3 core identity elements as the result of your research on the company. Provide support for why you choose the brand identity, core identity elements and brand essence. Next create the brand essence. State why you choose this as the brand essence. The excerpt from David Aaker’s book below and our class discussion will help in your understanding of identity elements.

Make sure you follow the format for citing in the text and in the references as outlined in the syllabus.

Minimum Headings
Brand Identity Elements
Core Identity Elements
Brand Essence


A. Provide brand identity elements, core elements and the brand essence you think would be appropriate for a business. A key to this section will be providing support for you answer. This can be an independent company or a brand. 55 %

B. The research effort put into developing the paper. Provide a statement with support on why you feel your brand identity, core identity and essence represent the brand. 30 %

C. Structure including the use of headings, grammar, APA reference style. 15% Use the writing center

Assignment should be 700 – 1200 words.

Brand Identity
Creating and managing a brand requires a brand strategy, the heart of which is the brand identity, which provides direction, purpose, and meaning for the brand. A brand identity is a set of brand associations that the firm aspires to create or maintain, an aspirational external brand image. These associations represent what the brand aspires to stand for and imply a promise to customers from the organization. It differs from brand image in that it could include elements that are not present in the current image (that your hotel has a great spa) or even conflict with it (you aspire to have a quality reputation that is superior to the current perceptions).

The brand identity can best be explained in terms of three steps. These steps assume that a comprehensive strategic analysis has been done. Customer, competitor, and internal analyses are

particularly critical to the development of a brand identity. Although these are important for developing a brand identity, for this assignment information gained from the company’s website is sufficient.

Brand Identity Elements and Core Identity Elements
The first step is to create a set of from 6 to 12 distinct associations that are desired for the brand. These are known as brand identity elements. The process starts by putting down all the associations that are desired given what is known about the customers, competitors, and the business strategy going forward.

The second step is to prioritize the brand identity elements. The most important and potentially the most impactful are classified as core identity elements. The core identity will be the primary drivers of the brand-building programs. They will be the focus of the brand investments, as they are the most critical to the success for the businesses that they are supporting. The balance of the elements are termed the extended identity. They serve to help define the brand, make decisions as to what actions and programs are compatible with the brand, and drive minor programs that will have lesser impact and take modest resources. In developing die core and extended identity, four criteria should guide the process. Identity elements are sought that:

• Resonate with the target market. It is useful to think in terms of how customers relate to the brand over time rather than simply what drives purchase decisions.

• Differentiate from competitors. Differentiation is often the key to winning. There should be some points of differentiation throughout the brand identity so that there is always an answer to the question as to how the brand is different.

• Provide parity where competitors have an advantage that is compelling to customers. There may be some dimensions where the goal is simply to be close enough so that this dimension is no longer a reason to not buy the brand.

•Reflect the strategy and culture of the business. Ultimately, the brand needs to enable and support the strategy of the business. The brand identity should also support and reflect the culture and values of the firm because it is the organization that must deliver on the aspirational brand promise.

The Brand Essence
The brand essence is a few words or short sentences that captures the heart of the brand and can communicate it internal and externally. For example Disney – Family Magic

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