Diet ( what we eat ) and Behavior research paper

Now in days us humans eat many kinds of foods, some that are good for us and others that aren’t. Many of the foods that we eat can have an impact in our behavior and learning mood in a number of ways, there is increasing interests between what children eat and the way they behave, like for example if you decided to give a candy or something that contains a lot of sugar in it to a kid that’s about five years old, he or she will be all hyped up after eating the candy and if the kid is in school it would be difficult for the kid to concentrate due to the fact that he’s not calm enough to learn. But not everything we eat gives us a negative impact in our lives.

On January 30, 2008 the Associate Parliamentary Food and Health Forum made a research which looks at the scientific evidence on whether mental health and performance can be affected by what we eat, and explored how this could be happening. This research supported what the Farm Service Agency once said, that fish consumption should be increased since it is the prime source of omega-3 which helps the pregnant and breast feeding mothers in the brain development of the baby. Food and behavior 9/19/08,

In the year 1900 Americans consumed about 4 pounds of sugar a year, now they consume about 129 pounds a year, a 2500% increase in sugar consumption. Food additives and junky diets have high sugar content and starchy carbohydrates that could help explain poor school performance, criminal behavior, alcoholism, and the growing numbers of alzheimer’s patients. Sugar has a big influence on the brain function and physiological function, while sugar is on excess on the brain it produces excess release of insulin, a hormone composed of fifty one amino acid residues which is used medically to treat some forms of diabetes mellitus, when insulin is released you get hypoglycemia if it’s on excess which is low blood sugar, that affects up to 20% of U.S. adults and can cause varying behavior, hyperactivity is often the response in younger children, many children and adults also become violent and aggressive, mental confusion can often be the result for older people as the low blood sugar fails to fuel the brain making it more proem to alzheimer’s. Many people recall that kind of confusion, for example some of them would drive to get something to eat and on their way back home they did not remember where they came from, due to the fact that they had consumed some of the flavor enhancing food additive which can produce hypoglycemia on it’s own those additives can hide when looking at the Nutrition Facts under names like, Hydrolyzed corn, Autolyzed yeast, Broth, and even natural flavors.  How food affects behavior 9/19/08,

Another danger is alcohol because it acts just like sugar, that is one of the reasons an alcoholic continues to drink alcohol is because alcohol is a tremendous source of energy, according to Russell Blaylock, a medical doctor, when a persons blood sugar falls they drink the alcohol to feel better and then their blood sugar falls again and they drink more alcohol, which is an unending cycle. On a study, they found that 97% of alcoholics are to be hypoglycemic, another study showed that people that have hypoglycemia and are treated with nutrition 70% of them become sober, under other methods 25% or less are under recovery. The diet soda sweetener aspartame contains alcohol, that fact and the way it stimulates the release of insulin help explain why it causes hypoglycemia. How food affects behavior 9/19/08,

Now kids that eat candy bars such as M&M’s, snickers and others, is equal to one can of soda, the results are very bad such as, their test scores went down after one hour of taking the sugar. Kids made twice as many mistakes on the test and also the students show more inappropriate behavior during free play and current research states that 75% of all prisoners were hyperactive as children. Many drugs that people consume such as the SSRI drugs that are used to regulate and make your brain serotonin go up which helps some people treat their depression, anxiety disorders, and some personality disorders, sometimes it could cause the opposite on some people according to Russell Blaylock, and other medical doctors, it could instead make your brain serotonin go down and this people would commit suicide, or commit murder, that is why a couple of years back we saw all this kids killing people in schools because of the fact that they were taking the SSRI medications.

One of the things people and physicians don’t think about is food allergies that affect your brain, kind of like a brain allergy, when you eat those foods they enter your bloodstream as whole food components which is something that people are not supposed to do, then your immune system recognizes them and you get an immune reaction and that intense immune reaction also goes on in the brain so it releases toxic components which causes a neurological dysfunction that causes symptoms such as disorientation, hallucinations, agitation, panic attacks, criminal behavior and even seizures. Ironically people who are allergic to a certain food and don’t know it, desire more of the same food and every time they eat it they will get sick, and complain that they couldn’t think very clear, so after they were put under treatment and stopped eating the foods they were allergic to they were once again able to think clear without a cloudy mind. The same effect happens with over vaccination, but one major difference is that when you inject the vaccine, the immune reaction goes on for years non stop, that is why we have so many kids with an inflamed brain that will not calm down, and that’s what produces brain dysfunction which was shown in numerous kinds of studies. The major foods that cause food allergies are milk, they looked at many juvenile offenders and found out they drank more milk than average person, others are wheat, corn, coffee, eggs, potatoes, peanuts, and soy which is one of the leading food allergy that most people don’t know about.

One good resource for all this problems would be diet that means you should consume lean meat and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, which is anti hypoglycemic. Another key is to watch those sugars and starches like sugar itself, products with corn syrup, most fruit juices, white bread, white rice, and white potatoes. By avoiding most processed food you’ll also be more likely to not get any of those hypoglycemic symptoms. There are also some fatty acids that could help people with many personal disorders such as  depression, dyslexia, and ADHD, those are oily fish such as tuna, and sardines, also sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. These are the building blocks of a good brain development, similar to the liquid fats which are 65 percent of what our brain is composed of, so what they will do is keep the membrane flexible and allow brain cells to signal efficiently. Those are a couple of the things we humans could do to avoid problems with our health and behavior.



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