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Subject: Justice Studies Intimate terrorism is a very specific type of abuse. For your initial post, respond to the following: Part 1: What is intimate terrorism? What type of interventions might a victim of “terrorist” violence need in order to leave the abusive situation? Part 2: Of the theories presented in this week’s readings (psychological theories of domestic violence or feminist theories or sociodemographic) which are most compelling and why? Describe and cite each specifically in your explanation. Part 3: Pose a thought-provoking question from the readings that you have (not a yes or no question, nor a question whose answer is easily found in the text). Posts should meet the following requirements: Minimum Word Count: initial post should be 300-400 words responding to the assignment question(s). Also make sure to RESPOND to one classmate’s question by attempting to answer it. Support opinions with evidence from the course material proofread at a college level Accurately apply language/terminology from the readings Cite the source(s) of material used to substantiate your arguments Submit initial and response posts by the deadline outlined in the Course Schedule. You are encouraged to use the discussion board as a form of dialogue among the class, so you may post more than one response. You will be graded on the first response post. Grades are based on reading reflection, effort and meeting the minimum word count.


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