Ecological Observation Assignment

Make 30 observation journals for all videos within the playlist. so one journal per playlist

What am I supposed to observe?

In this assignment, you will observe the progress of a 5-gallon aquarium that utilizes no filtering or CO2. Instead, it tries to reproduce what would happen in a natural pond. You DO NOT have to do a tank yourself (but if you like fish and feel inspired this is a great video series to watch). You will watch the progress videos form the assigned video series, and contribute to the assignment journal, considering the questions posed for each video.

Start by watching the setup video. This video includes a lot of DIY sections on how the person did the aquarium, but I think understanding the set up will help you understand the interactions of the ecosystem later.

After watching the video, you will post for the first time to the Ecology Observation Journal. In your first entry, you should compare the set up of the aquarium in the video with the setup steps you are using for Lab 2. How is the set up similar? How is it different? Why do you think each of the steps is important in trying to reproduce an ecosystem inside a container? Would you do anything differently? Why?

– Watch the videos corresponding to 2 and 3 months’ progress and post again to the Ecology observation journal. In your journal post, you should relate what you observed in these videos to the concepts of Ecosystems and Food Webs explored on Lab 3. For example, which role do the plants play in the aquarium? Why do you need a light source? What role do the snails and the shrimp play? Why does the water in the aquarium need to be changed every now and then?

– Watch the videos corresponding to 4 and 5-month updates on the aquarium. Continue applying what you learned as you observe the progress of the tank. Has the changes in the aquarium made you rethink any of the answers you gave for week 5? What is the effect of the food supply and food availability over the plants in the aquarium? What is the effect of the animals? How do they interconnect? What would happen if a pollution contamination event killed the crustaceans in the ecosystem?

Watch the videos corresponding to 6 and 7th months. What is happening to the population? How does this relate to what you observed in the plant population during earlier months? What effect do you think the increase in population may have on the aquarium if it is not managed?

SO ON for all 30 videos

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