Economics Essay Paper on Hot Hand


Fill in the following

NAME prob(hit/3 misses) prob(hit/2 misses) p(hit/1 miss p(hit)   p(hit/1hit)   p(hit/2 hits)   p(hit/3 hits)    Correlation
YOUR NAME .50(12) 47(32) 56(101) 50(248) 49(105) 50(46) 48(21) -.020  

2.  Do your conditional probabilities show
evidence of the hot hand?  Explain.

Yes, because it shows a
higher probability after many misses hence a higher level of focus. There is a
higher probability of making the next shot due to a higher level of confidence.

3.  Does your correlation coefficient ρ show
evidence of the hot hand?  Explain.

Yes, it shows that the
probability increases with an increase in missed chances.

4.  Fill in the following.

Players Hits Misses Runs Expected runs z-statistic    

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