Family Intervention/Treatment Plan Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate competency in using best practice intervention approaches with families. 

Please focus on the effects of oppression as it relates to intimate partner violence and mental health.  Please also develop a treatment plan to working with this family (the family would be the victim and her two adult children).

Please also add best practice intervention approaches with this family – you can focus on safety planning and using cognitive behavioral therapy for victims of intimate partner violence as both interventions.

Case study:
72 year old women called 911 due to a domestic violence incident with her husband. She is a stroke victim and her husband is her caretaker. The police called the domestic violence shelter where I worked because she needed a place to go.  Her husband just recently filed for divorce. All three children reside out of state and she is not sure which one she would move with because she would prefer to stay in the hometown where she was raised. The client is pleasant to be around but often times she is in the corner crying uncontrollably and has feelings of ending her life.

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