Final Self-Assessment Essay on the knowledge of rhetoric course

1 ENGLISH 1301: Essentials of College Rhetoric Project 5: Final Self-Assessment Essay Prompt This essay is meant to make an argument that you’ve accomplished the goals of this course. Write a formal, academic argument essay in which you make clear claims about what you achieved in this course in relation to the course goals (listed below). Support those claims with specific evidence from your work in the class and an explanation of that evidence. Select four of the course goals (at least one from each category) and explain how your writing this term (Mediated Values Essay, Summary and Synthesis Essay, Rhetorical Analysis, Podcast Episode, and other work) shows that you have met these goals. In other words, make evaluative claims about your writing using these goals as criteria, using your writing as evidence, and providing your reasoning. You will need to refer explicitly to your own projects in the class, which means quoting and referencing your own work as evidence of your writing and learning. I recommend a full body paragraph for each claim. Then, in your last body paragraph, either • select one outcome that you could improve upon. Refer again to specific instances in your work where this skill could have been integrated or demonstrated more successfully. Even though you are all talented and experienced writers, learning to write well remains a lifelong process, so this part invites you to contemplate those things you would like to learn or do better moving forward; or • select one outcome that you have learned from this class and demonstrated or plan to demonstrate in other courses at Texas Tech. Refer to specific instances where you have already or where you plan to transfer (apply) these skills to writing situations in other courses. Your essay should include a brief introduction and conclusion that help a reader: Include a clear statement of purpose and preview your claims about your writing in the introduction, and provide some sort of summary or “move to the future” in your conclusion. Your final self-assessment will be graded based on your abilities to make evaluative claims, support them with evidence and reasoning, organize ideas, write clear and specific prose, and use conventions of Standard Academic English in your writing. Your final draft should have a title and be double-spaced in readable 11–12 pt. font. This essay will likely be about 4 pages long. Course Goals Rhetorical Knowledge • Use key rhetorical concepts through analyzing and composing a variety of texts • Develop facility in responding to a variety of situations and contexts (academic and nonacademic) calling for purposeful shifts in voice, tone, level of formality, design, medium, and/or structure • Use a variety of technologies to address a range of audiences • Read and compose in several genres, understanding how genre conventions shape and are shaped by readers’ and writers’ practices and purposes 2 Inquiry & Research • Locate and evaluate a variety of primary and secondary research materials • Summarize, paraphrase, analyze, and synthesize information from a variety of sources in their writing • Incorporate work created by others in a variety of media (e.g., text, images, sound, video) ethically and effectively for rhetorical purposes • Apply citation conventions appropriate for genre, purpose, and audience • Formulate viable research questions, hypotheses, and conclusions Writing Processes & Craft • Develop a writing project through multiple drafts • Develop flexible strategies for reading, drafting, reviewing, collaborating, revising, rewriting, rereading, and editing • Evaluate the work of others, give useful feedback to others on their writing, and evaluate and incorporate feedback from others in their own writing • Assess accurately the strengths and weaknesses of their own writing, and develop individual plans for revision and improvement • Enact revision as substantive change


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