Health Information Exchange Sample Essay

Health Information Exchange Sample Essay

Health information exchange is the standard electronic movement of health-related data amongst organizations. The main objective is to provide access of clinical data to the respective organizations to ensure an effective, timelier, secure, and patient-oriented health care. The Health Information exchange organizations (HIOs) are the ones that offer the services of health information exchange. Most of these HIOs are presently operating under the regional hence they are regional health information organizations (RHIOs). Health Information Exchange Sample Essay

Health information exchange is organized through an established governing structure, optional input and output models, and selection of a vendor. In terms of governing structure of the health information exchange, for the facilities that are operating in the same regional market patient information is shared through a consensus. A board of directors for Health information exchange consists of equal representation from all the organizations

The Health information exchange incorporates bylaws that have specified procedures and policies and they are framed in accordance with the federal as well as the state law. The is no standard governance prototype that exists for the health information exchange hence all involved organizations should have the basic understand of the Health information exchange governance that directly relates to them. A formal management structure is crucial to the organization of the Health information exchange facilities. The management assists in strategic planning, setting of goals and objectives, mission, policies, and the procedures that will insure functionality of the exchange program. Optional input (opt-in) and output (opt-out) models are established after the governance structure has been laid down. In optional input model, the patients or clients themselves decide on whether to authorize the exchange of their health information with the Health Information exchange program. The specific health information organization provide the agreement terms to the clients before they allow their information to be shared. A proper and effective process is utilized to choose the vendor (Davis & LaCour, 2014). Health Information Exchange Sample Essay


The Central Illinois Health Information Exchange (CIHIE) is community-based nonprofit making organization that was founded in 2010 and consists of the healthcare providers from Illinois. The organizations is provides secure health record exchange to ensure the best patient care is provided in the region. The collaboration of the healthcare providers through CIHIE has facilitated unity of working together for the healthcare providers to realize the common benefit of the patients and the society. The main goal of the Central Illinois Health Information Exchange organization is to provide a win-win solutions in sharing of cost and providing quality customer service by healthcare providers in Illinois (, 2015).

Currently the CIHIE organization use the MEDIOS software to offers services such as connect, public health reporting, Direct Alert services, and interface for service yearly subscription costs. The connect service provides a secure way of retrieving and requesting the health records of a patient electronically. The transported patient data is encrypted and is transported through a secured network. Above all, it is an up to date record of the patient. The organization provides specified type of public health reporting in Illinois. Instant messaging services are provided to their clients by the organization through accredited vendors. Connection subscription is provided to the clients at a certain fee per duration. Encrypted messaging services are provided to physicians and medics at a predetermined subscription cost. The organization is founded under the Illinois Health Information Exchange and Technology Act. The organization also receives award funds from the United States government through the HIE challenge Grant program in order to participate in developing solutions in the HIE field (, 2015). Health Information Exchange Sample Essay

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