HIST 2006 Week 14. Global Power: Nations and Empires Essay.

HIST 2006 Week 14. Global Power: Nations and Empires Essay.


What has been the role of states in the history of globalisation? How have strong states and
empires shaped global connections over the past two centuries? Does globalisation need ‘a
centre’ or strong power? And have Britain, the US and China provided such a strong power over
time? Or should we endorse instead Huntington’s idea of a clash of civilizations?
Key Readings.HIST 2006 Week 14. Global Power: Nations and Empires Essay.


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Nearest GDP Equivalents:
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Conversations with History: Amy Chua: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUrfo5cyeDA
Niall Ferguson – When East Beats West: The Shifting Balance of Global Economic Power:
Essays Questions
Can we say that throughout its history globalisation has played against the power of states?
“Globalisation is the result of the changing power of formal and informal empires”. Discuss.
How do we reconcile globalisation and the ‘clash of civilizations’?HIST 2006 Week 14. Global Power: Nations and Empires Essay.

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