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and physical health is an important aspect of a productive population. Saudi
Arabia’s population struggles with health complications such as diabetes and
obesity. This is attributable to its cultural values and beliefs that
discourage engagement in active lifestyles. My professional goal is to improve
my knowledge and skills in the field of nutrition and dietetics. I intend to
undertake intensive research regarding viable intervention programs that can be
used to address this persistent social problem. Using relative sustainable
approaches, I plan to initiate and implement public programs that solve
nutritional problems that my society grapples with. Another career objective is
to coordinate the current efforts in order to realize optimal output.
Collaborating with the government and several other stakeholders such as
non-profit making organizations and learning institutions will help me achieve
this goal. My final objective is to improve the capacities of the Arabian
population regarding healthy lifestyles by engaging actively in knowledge
generation and dissemination. Current options like bariatric surgery have
negative health effects. Seemingly, the population is ignorant about these
implications and effective ways of maintaining good health.

School of nutrition offers the best opportunities for attaining the
abovementioned objectives and enhancing personal and professional growth. I
chose this institution because it has state of art facilities that are
essential for study. Further, the programs that the school offers are
comprehensive, flexible, provide relevant knowledge, and equip students with
key competencies in the field of nutrition. Moreover, the college encourages
research by providing opportunities and financial assistance and offers
students a chance to participate actively in community based activities. In
addition to acquiring the experience needed to work well in professional settings,
these initiatives help students to understand the complexity of nutritional
problems and develop workable solutions. What is more, the institution gives
learners an opportunity to acquire additional life skills such as problem
solving, critical and creative thinking, teamwork, and communication skills
amongst others. Agreeably, these are essential for effective functioning in the
current dynamic society.

of the key strengths that will enable me to succeed in my education and career
is persistence. I come from a very conservative society that does not recognize
learned and successful women. It strongly believes that women should not be
actively involved in economic production and public programs. Regardless of
these negative forces, I managed to talk my parents into agreeing with my
educational goals. My persistence also helped me attain high academic grades
and secure a scholarship from the government. Undoubtedly, I will encounter a
host of challenges during pursuit of my professional goals. I believe
persistence will enable me overcome them and impact positively on the wellbeing
of my society. Then, I have basic research and communication skills that are
essential for effective functioning. Further, I am open minded and very
passionate about research and dissemination of knowledge. Using the skills I
gained previously, I have been able to translate various articles from English
to Arabic. In addition, I created my own blog that enables me to transfer
nutritional knowledge to various facets of the population. Specifically, I plan
to undertake research on ways of tackling chronic health complications by
empowering populations to assume greater responsibility for their personal
health. Using this knowledge, I will be able to devise practical ways of
dealing with obesity and diabetes in my conservative society.

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