How do Callicott et al explain the meaning of ARCHE?

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After you have listened to Philosophy without Gaps (eps. 1 and 2) and then read Callicott et al Chapter 2: The Milesians in your Greek Natural Philosophy textbook, please do this open discussion exercise with your colleagues.

The ancient Greek city-state of Miletus, in current-day Turkey, is the “birthplace” of methodical philosophizing in the Western tradition. Always be sure to use MLA format when you are directly quoting -OR- paraphrasing a text.

1. From your textbook, How do Callicott et al explain the meaning of ARCHE?
2. From your textbook, Name the three ARCHE of the Milesian philosophers.
3. From your textbook, How do Callicott et al elucidate the meaning of Anaximander’s ARCHE?
4. Below is the oldest extant philosophy writing in Western history. How would you unpack this quote for a friend or family member if they asked you about it. Pay special attention to how Anaximander talks of “justice” and “retribution.”

“That from which existing things are generated, into that too comes their destruction, as destiny decrees, for they render justice and retribution each to the others for their injustices according to the ordinance of time…” (Anaximander 2018, 80).

Anaximander. 2018. Fragments. In Callicott et al., “The Milesian School,” Greek Natural Philosophy: The Presocratics and their importance for current environmental philosophy. San Diego: Cognella.

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