Human Resources Laws

• Find two newspaper or other popular press articles that involve some aspect of employment law. The newspapers can be international and discuss a law in a country other than Canada. However, the newspaper articles have to be written in English. Attach the newspaper articles to the hard copy of your assignment

o Introduction – explaining the purpose of your paper
o Newspaper summaries – You summarize the articles and the major elements of the employment law in question. Do not forget to cite your sources when summarizing the articles and discussing the employment law in question. For example, you should look up the employment law in question and cite the government website where this law is described.
o Personal reflection – You write your opinion about the importance and relevance this employment law has for balancing employer and employee rights and responsibilities. Be sure to give reasons for your opinion.
o Conclusion – A short conclusion summarizing your main points.
o References: Be sure to properly cite in APA style.

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