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Use Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide to read the following:

  • Chapter 3, “What Are Effective Assessment Practices?,” pages 23–36.      
    • In this chapter, note the overview of essential practices for assessment efforts to be effective and meaningful. Pay particular attention to List 3.2, Steps to Ensure that Evidence of Student Learning Is Useful and Used (p. 25).

Use the Internet to read the following articles. They provide valuable information regarding benchmarks or standards and stakeholders. 

400-500 words

My college of choice was GA State.

After reading Chapter 3 of your Assessing Student Learning text, the blog entitled “What is Good Assessment? A Second Look,” and the article entitled “Guidelines for Judging the Effectiveness of Assessing Student Learning,” consider the stakeholders to be involved in your plan to assess student learning. Identify both internal and external stakeholders, including your institution’s accrediting organization, and explain the roles of the stakeholders in your assessment planning. Please note: Include only information that pertains to stakeholders’ involvement in assessment, not to the program, department, or institution in general.

 Answer should have the following learning components:

  • Identify strategies for engaging faculty and staff in assessment efforts.
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of strategies for different stakeholder groups.
  • Apply knowledge of APA style for references and citations.
  • Develop communications appropriate for the audience.

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