Learning journal – 4 pages


Please submit only the SUMMARY, not the weekly journals. Write in the journal for 20 minutes a week. You should write about things that seem important to you as you reflect on your experiences as a learner.

For some structure, respond to these questions:

1. What have I learned this week about myself as a learner?
2. What have I learned this week about my emotional responses to learning?
3. What were the highest emotional moments in my learning activities this week?
4. What were the lowest emotional moments in my learning activities this week?
5. What learning tasks did I respond to most easily this week?
6. What learning tasks gave me the greatest difficulty this week?
7. What was the most significant thing that happened to me as a learner this week?
8. What learning activity or emotional response most took me by surprise this week?
9. Of everything I did this week in my learning, what would I do differently if I had to do it again?
10. What do I feel most dissatisfied with regarding my learning activities this week?
11. What do I feel most proud about regarding my learning activities this week?

Don’t worry if your answers to these questions overlap or if you feel one question has already been answered in your response to an earlier question. Do try to write something, however brief, in response to each question. Even noting that nothing surprised you or that there were no high or low emotional moments in your learning tells you something about yourself as a learner and how you learn best. (Brookfield, 1995, p. 98)

Please analyze your journal for major themes, qualities, responses, and characteristics about your learning that have emerged. Use the same headings for the monthly report that you have used for the weekly entry. Grading will not be based on quality of the experience, but the degree of detail. Full points will be given when journal report represents reasonably detailed entries handed in on time.

-no citations or annotations are needed

-theme can talk about time management and looking forward to graduating in December

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