Musculoskeletal, Analgesic, and Anti-Infective Medications

In Part-1, you will be completing a Classification of Drugs Worksheet.In Part-2, you will be completing a prescription based on a scenario provided.Download the Module 04 – Course Project Assignment Worksheet and use it to complete this assignment.Part-1: Classification of Drugs WorksheetIn this part of the assignment you will be researching musculoskeletal, analgesic, and anti-infective medications. You will choose 3 medications for each classification and use the worksheet provided to include the following for each of the drugs:generic and brand namepossible side effects and contraindicationsrecommended adult dosageroutes of administration / drug formstherapeutic usepregnancy categorythe drug reference usedPart-2: Complete a PrescriptionIn this part of the assignment you will be completing a prescription based on the information provided in the worksheet’s scenario. Review this Parts of the Prescription document to help you complete this activity.


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