Nurs 4221 Week 3 Discussion Project Paper.

Nurs 4221 Week 3 Discussion Project Paper.

Practice Experience: Applying Process Improvement Models

Choose a Quality Improvement Model from Chapter 5 in the Spath (2013) textbook, and apply this model to your practice problem. Please do not choose Lean or Six Sigma as your quality model unless you have an expert in these quality models in your organization to guide you through the process.


PDSA (p.117).

RCI (p.120).

FOCUS PDCA (p.121).

FADE (p.121).

By Day 4

Post a Discussion entry describing the model that you selected and how each step of the model will be used to develop the plan for the Practice Experience Project.  Continue to collaborate with the selected individuals in your practice environment as needed in the development of the Practice Experience Project, and share this information with your group.

By Day 7

Read and respond to two or more of your colleagues† postings from the Discussion question. Provide feedback on the selected model, and offer other models if appropriate for their project. As a member of a community of practice, help each other refine and clarify the patient-centered Practice Experience Project.  Nurs 4221 Week 3 Discussion Project Paper.

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