Organisational theory essay — understanding of sustainability within



this is a 2000 word essay 



this essay aims to Develop your understanding of the nature of the key organisational perspectives and their related theories;

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the key perspectives and the meta-theoretical assumptions that underpin each;
  • Develop research skills and the ability to assess the strengths and weaknesses of various debates and arguments;
  • Demonstrate the ability to critically engage with academic literature and develop your own answer to a set question.
  • Gain skills in the written presentation of an argument, including the ways in which scholars incorporate and acknowledge the ideas of other writers.

Individual perspectives produce different types of knowledge. Choose two organisational theory perspectives and critically evaluate how each contributes a different 

Based on your selected perspectives, draw upon relevant readings out of this list to as a starting point for your essay. You should also use  other resources to assist in the development of your analysis.



– the two organisational theory perspectives are :

1- Critical theory




write about the Theoretical Ontological position and Theoretical Epistemologial position in both. 


((i will attach silds that will help in understanding and based on that answers in the slids))



the two main readings related to the perspectives are:

1- Critical theory:Organized hypocrisy, organizational façades, and sustainability/ (Charles H. Cho, MatiasLaine, Robin W. Roberts and Michelle Rodrigue)


2-postmodern: “Good” news from nowhere: imagining utopian sustainable accounting


(Jill Atkins, Barry Colin Atkins, Ian Thomson and Warren Maroun) << i will attached the readings  



link to the readings :



the essay structers are :

1.1.1     Introduction

In this section you must provide an overview of your answer to the question; provide answers to the key what and why questions of your argument/answer. These should take the form of direct responses to the key issues raised by the question. Your argument should be informed by a critical analysis/engagement with the content of the essential readings.

Please keep in mind that in all sections of your response you must move past description to analysis, this means providing answers to the why questions that emerge from your key statements.

1.1.2     Body of the Essay

In this section of the essay you need to accomplish two tasks. 

First, you must explore the key perspectives showing how each perspective’s theoretical and metatheoretical approaches lead them to provide different insights into organisations and their relationship to sustainability.

Therefore each paper, what are the ontological and epistemological assertions that make the writing either modernist, symbolic interpretivist, critical theory based, or postmodern? You may think of this as identifying the “signposts”, or “clues”, that make a paper modernist, symbolic interpretivist, critical theory based, or postmodern.

You can address the papers sequentially; beginning with an exploration of the how and why of each of the chosen perspectives (ontology and epistemology), and then an exploration of the positions advanced by two of the perspectives (modernist, symbolic interpretivist, critical theory and postmodernism) in relation to how organisations and the concept of sustainability is conceived, identified and written about.

The whole response must be informed by an engagement with essential readings. You must draw upon and evaluate academic debates and arguments.

1.1.3     Conclusion

You must conclude with your general answer to the question. It should reiterate the key argument/answer to the question provided in the introduction and indicate to what extent it has been supported or challenged by your analysis of the debates and arguments of other authors.



please refere to the SLIDS in the answer and please add at least 8 refrences in harvard style 















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