Outline and narrative

Now that you have begun to do research in earnest for your project, begin thinking about how you will organize your material. An outline is critical to helping you begin to organize your thoughts and the development of your paper. Consequently, it is imperative you devote your attention to this outline so that you know with some degree of confidence where you are going with your research and your writing. You can, of course, modify your approach after the outline has been submitted based on further research or considerations. However, at this juncture, it is important to have the necessary groundwork laid out for how you anticipate moving the capstone project forward.
• Develop a full-sentence outline for your entire capstone project. Use at least three levels (I, A, 1). You may use the following outline template as an example or draft your own. This will help you to plan out what you intend to research and write about for each of the major points of your capstone project. As you create this outline, you will begin to see a flow of ideas and how they relate to your problem statement, research question, or thesis statement. Using your increasing knowledge, define the scope of your research question more completely. Incorporate important concepts or theories that relate to your topic, and explain how the sources you are finding relate to these concepts.

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