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Discussion -1 


Organizations will run successfully when they have data which is accurate and it should have good storing capabilities. Otherwise it may cause various problems to organizations so data warehouses are used by organizations where they can store large quantities of data without any mistakes but employees will take time in gathering needed data and they may make mistakes because of its large input of data. In order to avoid this data marts are being established by organizations and they can store only specific data without any problems and employees can retrieve this data easily without any difficulties. Even though it is small when compared with data warehouses but storage capacity is in gigabytes and it makes sure that ne errors are possible when it comes to retrieving of data. There are different types of data marts, hybrid, independent and dependent. Among them hybrid data marts are preferred by organizations because of its easy implementation and also supports huge structures and is suitable for large database organizations (, 2018).

Advantages of data marts are explained below

·       Performance is increased which is better than data warehouse and analysts are benefitted from them since it makes sure that they can analyse data easily because it is placed and processed carefully to meet the needs of them

·       Time will be saved and they can directly access data which is stored in data mart

·       Inexpensive when it comes to installing and maintenance of data marts.

Here regional branch managers of a sports good store are facing problems because of data so they started implementing data marts. With the help of data marts they are capable of storing data regarding customers, inventory, sales, marketing, human resources (single) in data marts. This way they will be able to use data when they need it quickly based on situation like customers want to enquire about a product and managers can search in their data marts and find necessary data and customers will be satisfied with this services and managers will be successfully running their stores (, 2018).

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The data mart is primarily focused on a specific line of business of an organization. Data marts are usually referred to as a data segregated from an organizational data warehouse. Data marts help organizations in accelerating actionable insights of the data. Data marts are of three types namely dependent, independent and hybrid where the naming itself provides a better explanation of it. The dependent data mart is based on the already built data warehouse where all the data is already stored in the data warehouse, where the data mart is built to extract the required set of information. The independent data mart is not dependent on data warehouse where data is extracted from various internal or external data sources. The hybrid data mart is a combined bag of including data from warehouse and other operational systems. In this case, I will be going ahead with a dependent data mart type because of the already built-in data warehouse which stores a huge pile of organizational business data. Also, to ensure that the regional managers gain better insights into the data, it is essential to set up the data mart for inventory management, procurement, sales and marketing based on the four regions. The data will be grouped based on the four regions and a subset of it will be based on the business divisions. This will ensure that regional managers are able to manage their various business divisions.

The above-mentioned data marts shall help the regional managers in accessing their desired set of data for further business intelligence. From the already available existing information in data warehouse, the data marts will be like North, South, East, West regions and the subsets will be a combination of business divisions and region such as Inventory-North, Inventory-South. For instance, the Inventory-North data mart subset will contain information about all the inventory transactions for the North region. Likewise, Sales-West will have information related to the sales information for the West region. This will help regional managers to manage information based on their geographical regions at the top-most level where they have control of the business divisions for their region and can further drill down based on the business divisions. This helps them to carry out the business cycle-based reporting for their regions. For instance, the Southern regional manager can identify the number of marketing campaigns performed for the South region and then accordingly nail down to the sales which created the procurement process and transferred to the inventory management. This shall help the regional managers to run their business efficiently.


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