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Imagine you have been asked to present at a town hall meeting. You are presenting the details of a new local policy that is being proposed. Your audience wants to know the problem, proposed solutions, risks, challenges, and funding opportunities. Develop a PowerPoint presentation. In slides 2-8, provide presentation notes elaborating on the slide narrative.  

The sequence of slides should be as follows. 

1) Slide 1: Title slide includes the title of the assignment, student name, course title, and date.

2) Slide 2: Define and analyze the problem to include possible conflicts that include political conflicts.

3) Slide 3: Construct policy alternatives.

4) Slide 4: Identify stakeholders and roles.

5) Slides 5 and 6: Identify budget cost factors, and introduce saving measures. 

6) Slide 7: Choose evaluative criteria. 

7) Slide 8: Identify any incentives, subsidies, and support.

8) Slide 9: Draw conclusions in a summary. 

9) Slide 10: References slide in APA style that uses a minimum of two sources.

Add detail to your slides in the notes section of the presentation. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations and be referenced per APA guidelines. Make sure to format your presentation according to APA style.

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