Political Science Paper on Oil, Smoke & Mirrors

Political Science Paper on Oil, Smoke & Mirrors

The film Oil, Smoke, and Mirrors, discusses the issue of peak oil is the biggest energy problem at hand in the world today. The film insists that the issue of peak oil has been known for the past several decades but is continuously repressed by the government and concurrently ignored by the media. Through the use of several specialists, government officials, and scholars, the film delves deep into the issue of peak oil, how governments avoid it, and how, allegedly, it was the primary cause of 9/11.

Arguments of the film are constructed around the dependency of the world on oil as the main energy source. It also discusses how rapid utilization of this oil is leading to its rapid decline having reached peak oil, which is the state where oil extraction and production of petroleum products reaches the maximum possible level. According to the film, the realization of the problem of peak oil by the United States’ government led to the orchestration of 9/11. The sole purpose of 9/11 was to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, two countries possessing significant oil reserves, to control the distribution and also “keep a close eye” on Saudi Arabia which is another major oil producer. The film insists that the lack of any solution or inadequate solutions to the peak oil problem will eventually cause chaos, which will lead to the collapse of governments or introduction of fascist governments.

I agree with the authors’ opinion about the great importance of the problem of peak oil. The film presents strong arguments concerning peak oil and various problems associated with it. It is not a secret that oil is being consumed in large quantities around the globe and will be rapidly exhausted; causing panic if there will be no alternative. However, as a realist would argue, in as much as the relationship between 9/11 and peak oil makes sense, the film lacks actual evidence to illustrate the connection. And I agree that there are no strong and persuasive facts that would prove that oil was at the core of 9/11 attacks.

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