Project Management


DQ1 Create a  Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)  for an event that you would hold on campus. The event can be a dance, a rally, or a dinner. Think large scale like 200 attendees; projects are not small. You can also use a wedding, or a 50th wedding anniversary for your parents. Think big, not small.

What do you need to make this event a success?


Show a WBS Chart. Make sure you use proper indentation and outlining technique along with one major scope item for each WBS item. Write up your answer to describe how you built the WBS and why you chose the items you listed. (300 words, feel free to use more if needed) (Chapter 6 of the text below)

DQ2 What are the elements of a good project plan?

Describe each element in detail.

Does your employer use project plans?

Find an organization, or use your employer, and list the topics they use to describe a project plan.

Do they match the book?

Which one is better?

Why? (300 Words) (Hint SSRCFR)

DQ3 Describe what a Critical Path Method of Scheduling is.

Include the forward and backward pass and incorporate any calculations you may find.

Describe what a critical activity is, what float is, what early and late starts and finishes are. (300 Words)  (Chapter 7)


Required text available at:  


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