Psyc 10001: Week 2 Assignment

Psyc 10001: Week 2 Assignment

For my case study I have chosen Melissa Hershey. In the following paragraph I will summarize what I’ve learned about her.

Melissa is 7yrs old and lives with her mother and two sisters. Melissa doesn’t get a lot of guidance at home and rules don’t seem to be in place or enforced.  Because of a lack of structure and adult authority at home Melissa feels her teacher is mean because tells her what to do and gives her consequences when she doesn’t obey. Melissa is very self-sufficient and has the responsibility of feeding herself and going to bed which may be partially attributed to the fact that her father left the home 2 years ago and her mother hasn’t really been attentive to her needs or those of her siblings since they were infants. Psyc 10001: Week 2 Assignment . Melissa suffered a Grand Mal seizure at age four and had some difficulties with walking and involuntary muscle movement as a result of the seizure. Melissa has issues and difficulty in school and learning, especially with retaining information. She wants to make more friends, but her aggressiveness gets the best of her and she bosses the other kids around. Melissa is lively, active, imaginative but also disorganized and insecure. In my opinion a lot of the behavior exhibited by Melissa can be attributed to four key factors: 1. she witnessed fighting between her parents, 2. her mother’s use of marijuana during pregnancy, 3. her father cutting off contact with the family, and 4. her having a Grand Mal seizure. Psyc 10001: Week 2 Assignment


The article that I read and think is relevant to the case of Melissa Hershey was “Behavioral and emotional correlates of epilepsy in adolescence” by Robert G. Ziegler, M.D. from Epilepsy & BehaviorVolume 3, Issue 6, December 2002, Pages 558-560. The article talks about how relationships are an important determinant of quality of life and how the relationship between a child who suffers from seizures and their parents can be affected because of the child’s illness. It speaks on how the illness can affect how the parent interacts with the child which can ultimately have significant impact on the child’s behavior.  It also discusses how the impact the child’s illness has on the parent should not be ignored.  I think this article is relevant to Melissa’s case because I feel a lot of her aggression and behavioral issues are the result of her father being absent from her life. And this article brings to light the perspective that his absenteeism could be correlated to her having seizures and not being able to cope with having an epileptic child. Psyc 10001: Week 2 Assignment

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