PSYC 1001 : Week 6 Assignment: Reflection Blog

PSYC 1001 : Week 6 Assignment: Reflection Blog

Reflecting on what you have learned over the past 6 weeks, explain how your perception of psychology has changed. Next, describe how at least three specific topics or theories you’ve learned about this term can be applied to your personal and professional life. Finally, explain how what you learned in this course will impact your approach to social change. PSYC 1001 : Week 6 Assignment: Reflection Blog


In week one, our discussion spark asked us to briefly explain our understanding of what the field of psychology is and what was one of the beliefs we have about psychology.

This is my reply to week one:

One of the beliefs I had about psychology is that it had nothing to do with science. But after reading chapter 1 and doing further research, I now know that it is! For years, I believed, like many people do, that psychology was just the study of mental behaviors. I also thought that psychologist only worked with people who have some sort of mental disability.

My understanding of psychology is that it is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, those affecting behavior as well as the actions, thoughts, and feelings of individuals. A person who specializes in psychology is a psychologist. Psychologists help people who have mental health conditions. Psychologists may plan assessments and treatments to help change negative or disruptive behaviors. Psychology has several branches that serve different purposes. Some of these branches are social, clinical, cognitive, developmental and forensic. Psychology can be applied in many areas, many more than I ever have thought. Overall, psychology is a way of helping people in many ways. I feel psychology is a fascinating field of study and look forward to my learning experience in it! PSYC 1001 : Week 6 Assignment: Reflection Blog

Week 6 Assignment

I was very excited to take my first course of Psychology. I believed psychology to be the study of mental behaviors. I also thought that psychologist only worked with people who have some sort of mental disability. As I journeyed through this course, my belief of what psychology is has definitely been corrected. My new belief of Psychology has constantly been supported by our weekly discussions and assignments. My favorite assignment has been the final project. Learning how to develop a case study on a person and to actually experience getting to analyze a person based on their own words and from those close to them personally, socially, and professionally.

Learning Mr. Whitcomb’s personality, physical and mental limitations and how they affect his behavior, emotions, perception, motivation and overall development as he grows older was a task that I would love to do after more education and training. I have gained a better understanding of the processes of the human brain, the nervous system and the theories that explain cognitive functions. I think the most interesting subject matter that I learned during this class includes the following: nature v nurture, Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory and Pavlov’s Theory on Classical Conditioning.PSYC 1001 : Week 6 Assignment: Reflection Blog

First, Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory taught me how the unconscious mind tends to function as the base of the human personality. Freud deduced that human behaviors and what we do comes from the unconscious part of the personality that contains the memories, knowledge, beliefs, feelings, and instincts of which an individual is not aware; this is the “id”, (Feldman, 2012. p. 351). This theory applies to my personal life due that I now have a better understanding of personalities that surround me daily. I can identify motivations and the drive behind them and from that I will try to motivate my peers the best way I can. Not only that, I believe I can apply it to myself when I self-reflect so that I may evaluate my own actions, behaviors and desires.

Secondly, Pavlov’s Theory of Classical Conditioning has taught me how to properly train toddlers, children and young adults, since my actions when training will be backed up by the things I have learned in this course. Learning that behavior can be taught through rigorous work, dedication and consistency, I am now capable of identifying neutral stimuli, unconditioned stimuli, and the unconditioned responses of people to help form conditioned stimuli and conditioned responses.PSYC 1001 : Week 6 Assignment: Reflection Blog


 Finally, there’s the nature vs. nurture discussion. The assignment during week four focused on a person other than my case study subject. I have come to learn that as humans, nature is a concept that explains individual people on a genetic level. Nurture focuses on outside stimuli that influences or dictates a person’s actions, behavior or perception of the world and those in it. I believe this process continues for the span of our life. For some very influential people, the reach extends even beyond death. Whether influenced from peer pressure, or even by watching television or social media, we are constantly bombarded with exterior stimuli that could affect our choices daily. The burden of responsibility for their resulting actions/behaviors due to those influences change between stages four and eight.PSYC 1001 : Week 6 Assignment: Reflection Blog

To contribute to the effect on social change, I would like to use what I have learned these past six weeks and apply it to bridging the gap employees tend to have with upper management at their place of employment. Having approachable employers and being attentive to needs or requests, I believe makes a happier employee and work environment. If a mutual respect can be created through efforts from employer and employee, I believe it would be the start to something that could go nation-wide, possibly world-wide.


Feldman, R. (2012). Psychology and your life (2nd ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education. PSYC 1001 : Week 6 Assignment: Reflection Blog

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