PSYC 1001 : Wk 2 Assignment

PSYC 1001 : Wk 2 Assignment

The Psychological Case of Allen Whitcomb

Allen Whitcomb is a 47 year old man who is married to Erin Whitcomb.  Together, they have two children who are in college. Recently, Allen was texting while driving and this caused him to crash.  He lost a leg from the accident.  Ever since the accident, he has gain 20 pounds and is having troubles coping with life.  He is often late to work, has issues at work due to the pain and thinks all the managers at work are unfair and overly directive.  The manager says that Allen does better work when working in groups besides being alone. Allen has been seeing a therapist, Dawn Taylor, since the accident.  She reports he has been having problems sleeping and has feelings of sadness and fatigue. She feels his anxiety stems from the thought that his mother never thought he was good enough.  Allen seems to always be uneasy according to his wife.PSYC 1001 : Wk 2 Assignment

In this essay, I will show youhow Allen’s behaviors and issues can be explained by different subjects and conjectures pertaining to psychology. These will be related to social behavior, sensation and perception, learning and memory, development, motivation and emotion, and personality.


            In the article,Chronic Pain and Depression, it discusses the ways chronic pain and depressioncould possiblycoexist with one another.There are five hypotheses for this in the article, whether or not chronic pain causes the depression or vice or versa.It is confirmed that “depression is the third most common reason for consultation with a GP and the most common mood complaint” (Surah, A; Baranidharan, G; Morley, S., 2014, p. 85).Definitions of pain, depression, and chronic pain and depression are explained so that the differences can be understood.  The article discusses in further detail three ways both conditions can be handled or managed.PSYC 1001 : Wk 2 Assignment

The reason I chose this article is because I feel it can best relate to Allen’s case. I think the chronic pain he has suffered from the accident has either exacerbated his depression or caused it.  I believe that because he lost a limb, it is having something to do with his depression as well. Losing a limb can cause you to learn a completely new way or living life. With some of these managements that are listed in this article, it seems one or more of them could help Allen.


Surah, A; Baranidharan, G; Morley, S. Continuing Education in Anaesthesia, Critical Care &

Pain. April 2014, Vol 14 Issue 2, p. 85-89. PSYC 1001 : Wk 2 Assignment

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