qualitative methods

300 words per topic

2-3 peer reviewed references per topic

Topic 1:


To explore qualitative methods and tools in more detail, consider the following scenario:

The local police chief in concerned about the community’s perception of local law enforcement and has asked you to conduct a qualitative study to explore community members’ attitudes.

Identify four qualitative tools that you could use to collect information to conduct this research.

Describe how each of the four tools differs and how the data collected addresses the overarching research question regarding community attitudes about local law enforcement.

Which qualitative tool do you think would be most effective in researching this topic? Why?

Describe how the data collected using the qualitative tool above would be objectively and accurately analyzed.

Topic 2: Current Topics

Research current events related to the course and post at least 2 of these events

Describe how your chosen items tie into any of the following course topics:

a. Purpose of Criminal Justice Research

b. Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice

c. Unifying principles of Organizational Behavior

d. Scientific method and the research process in criminal justice and criminology

e. determining what data to collect and how to collect data

f. Differences Between Quantitative and Qualitative Purpose Statements and Research Questions

g. Qualitative or Quantitative methods

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