Redesign material object or environment
 (restaurant )

Redesign material object or environment
(your research must be based on Canadian background )
(the guiding question will be : redesigning the restaurant environment to improve the dining environment of the family)
**Initial concept will be designing a restaurant that offers an area for the babysitting, the kids will be take care while the adults are dining ) like the image below

In this assignment, you are asked to design an object based on the instructions. There are specific examples and detail on the ppt. You are only responsible to do the write-up part. No need to do a digital illustration of your design, but pencil sketches will be appreciated. MUST answer all the questions I highlighted on the pdf.
Have the sketch of the idea ready with the final. I will draw the digital illustration for you.

You need to think about what aatreail object you could design to achieve your gold by applying shoes two terms. Remember you need to use the creativity method of 
cross-pollination, come up with 2 preliminary ideas of your potential design. Also using the creativity method of constraint (e.g. material, shape, size), come up with 2 preliminary ideas of your potential design (of a material object or environment). Total of 4 for your brainstorming part, and select one from each for the ideal concept part.

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