Reflection Paper on Victory through My Weaknesses

Sample Reflection Paper on Victory through My Weaknesses

Ever since I was a child, I had always seen myself as a second fiddle as my sister took the brightest spot in the family. My sister had always been a stellar student and swimmer in school. She had always been regarded as a pace-setter having cut an edge over all her competitors by attaining the best results in her education. Even though she set herself as an example to many, I had always found it extremely daunting and dubious to match with her wide array of excellent skills.

However, my hapless situation took a quick turn once I was enrolled in high school and joined a journalism club where I was part of erudite members of the school’s magazine team. I thereafter began to hone my writing skills by constructing different articles that would cut across topics on self-esteem and health. Writing articles became my hobby as I would easily tell my story and ideas in a different fearless platform. With the help of my teachers, I was recognized by my school faculty for my well written and informative articles. This was a tremendous progress that made me regain my confidence and encouraged me to do more and achieve more. I decided to shun away from my fear of public speaking as I begun to take the courageous step of bravely and confidently giving talks in front of audiences. I then ventured into the career of being a peer educator to the children aid society. Even though I had been extremely anxious during my first presentation, I learnt to overcome this fear by honing my communication skills. I chose to wrestle with my fears by joining and participating actively in DVC Earth Club and Habitat for humanity.

I strongly believe that if one puts any extra effort, then he or she is deemed to achieve remarkable results. It is with this profound reason that I am willing to go above and beyond so as to attain my goal of being an erudite and skilled peer educator. Today, I am confident and hopeful for a brighter future regardless of my sister’s achievements.

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