Religion: (Family Relation, Ebook will be provided) Question answer.

please copy the questions in your answer sheetASSIGNMENT6REL. Family RelationsRead Balswick, Fourth Edition, Part 6 (chapters 15-18) and answer the following questions.Single space acceptable, but leave a space between questions.1.Describe the difference between authority and dominance.Pages 274-2752.Describe the difference between orchestrative power and implementive power.Page 2763.Summarize the four models of family power discussed by the authors.Pages 277-2804.The authors point out that Jesus Christ and Karl Marx had a certain commonality in their teaching. Explain that.Pages 281-2835.Summarize the ideal balance of power in a family.Pages 283-2856.What kinds of events bring stress to families?What is most stressful and why?Pages 287-2887.What resources help families deal with stress?Page 2898.Discuss the essence of “coping” with family stress.Page 2909.Summarize five stages of problem solving.Pages 290-29110. How do catastrophes differ from other stress-causing events?Pages 292-29311. What are four ways family members might share the burden of pain?Pages 294-29612. How can Christian faith potentially help a family through crises?What do the authors say about extremes? Pages 296-29713. Discuss the numerous causes of divorce.Pages 303-30414. Describe and explain the typical four-stage sequence of divorce.Pages 304-30515. What effect does divorce have on children?Pages 305-30616. What challenges are faced in a single-parent family?Pages 313-31817. What are the challenges faced by a reconstituted family? Pages 321-32518. What is a “binuclear” family, and what strategy might help bring success?Pages 326-328


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