Roles of Healthcare Professionals Essay

Roles of Healthcare Professionals Essay

This assignment will be at least 1500 words or more. Reflect on the roles of nurses, and other healthcare professionals as the roles of physicians in the healthcare system moves from one of working in silos to a more progressive value-based system. Write a paper that discusses in detail why a value-based system may improve health care in the U. S. and address the following questions:Roles of Healthcare Professionals Essay


How has current policy transformed the current practice of nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals?
What distinction can you make between physicians/healthcare providers working in a fee-for-service system and a value-based care system?
How do you view shared power between physicians and nurses in your healthcare system? How does it impact care?
Assignment Expectations

Length: 1500-2000 words in length

Structure: Include a title page and reference page in APA format. These do not count towards the minimal word amount for this assignment. Your essay must include an introduction and a conclusion.Roles of Healthcare Professionals Essay

References: Use the appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions. A minimum of two (2) scholarly sources are required for this assignment.

Format: Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx).

The role of healthcare professionals (Social Workers) in helping people experiencing domestic violence and abuse

Introduction and Background

Domestic violence and abuse, often referred to as domestic abuse, is a problem that affects men and women, irrespective of ethnic origin, educational and financial status, and sexual orientation (Robbins and Cook, 2017). There are several definitions of domestic abuse, as well as several terminologies used in its description. In many developed countries, terminologies such as intimate partner violence, spousal violence, or family abuse are common. These terminologies are used to describe broadly the form of abuse and/or violence that may result among people 18 years and over, and is often different from child abuse, and sexual violence and abuse (Rakovec-Felser, 2014).Roles of Healthcare Professionals Essay

In the UK, the term domestic violence and abuse is used broadly to refer to abuse taking place within the home. According to the Home Office (2012), the government defines domestic violence in the UK as ‘any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those aged 16 or over who are or have been intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality. This can encompass but is not limited to the following types of abuse: psychological, physical, sexual, financial, emotional’ (Home Office, 2012, pg. 1). The implication of this definition by the government is that young people aged 16 and 17 years can now be supported by adults’ domestic violence services, as opposed to children services. In order to provide focus for this essay, the government definition will be adopted and will be limited to people aged 16 years and above who are in intimate relationships. In addition, the term domestic abuse will be used to refer to domestic violence and abuse throughout the essay Roles of Healthcare Professionals Essay

Domestic abuse has been shown to affect every aspect of the victim’s life, including financial, social, economic and mental components (Femi-Ajao et al., 2018). Furthermore, people who experience domestic violence are likely to have series of health problems, and are likely to miss work, thereby resulting in economic loss to the UK as well as increased financial burden on the NHS (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, 2014). According to evidence from Office for National Statistics (2017), domestic abuse affects an estimated 1.9 million people aged 16-59 years, with more women than men affected. As indicated, the prevalence rate of domestic abuse is estimated as 6 in 100 adults, at a rate of 7.5% women and 4.3% men, thereby resulting in 1.2 million women and 713,000 men (Office for National Statistics, 2017).

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (2014) clearly states that healthcare professionals have a role to play in supporting people affected by domestic abuse, however, existing evidence from Stanley et al. (2010) suggests that social workers are likely to only focus on children and child protection issues, and are less likely to help adults who are victims. Recent evidence from Robbins and Cook (2017) also suggests that people who have experienced domestic violence and have had contact with social workers tend to describe social workers as unhelpful in helping them access the support required for their domestic violence experience. Thus, in this essay, three roles of social workers will be discussed. These are: 1. Identification of victims, 2. Signposting and referral to specialist domestic violence services, and 3. Legal Aid. These three roles will be discussed in the next section of this essay.Roles of Healthcare Professionals Essay

Role of Social Workers

Identification of Victims

With respects to healthcare professionals, identification of victims of domestic abuse has been identified as very important (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, 2014). Although there is mixed evidence with respects to whether routine screening is necessary for identifying victims of domestic abuse (O’Doherty et al., 2014), it has been empirically established that healthcare professionals need to do more to be involved in identifying people experiencing domestic abuse (O’Doherty et al., 2014). Identification of people experiencing domestic abuse has been suggested as helping to ensure people get the help they need on time, thereby breaking the cycle of abuse (Trevillion et al., 2012). As social workers are likely to be in contact with families who are experiencing trouble in their relationships, there are opportunities that will enhance identification of victims of domestic abuse.Roles of Healthcare Professionals Essay

An important part of identification is appropriate response, when people open up about their experience of domestic abuse (Bacchus et al., 2018). Since there are concerns about removal of children and distrust of social workers in supporting adults experiencing domestic abuse (Robbins and Cook, 2017), social workers need to be empathetic in their response to families where there is a problem with domestic abuse. This will help facilitate the development of trust levels required to identify victims.

Signposting and Referral to Specialist Domestic Violence Services

Another important role of social workers is signposting and referral of victims of domestic abuse to specialist services. While it is not expected that social workers should have expertise in providing specialist domestic abuse support, it is necessary for them to be able to refer people they identify to the appropriate agencies that can support them. There are many barriers preventing victims of domestic abuse from seeking help from specialist services (Overstreet and Quinn, 2013); however, it is expected that if a social worker refers them, they would be likely to take up the referral. Some of the barriers faced by victims of domestic abuse include shame and stigma, fear of repercussion, and fear of blame and disbelief (Spencer et al., 2018). Depending on the type of abuse, the gender of the perpetrator, and their social support networks, many victims may be reluctant to seek help from professionals. Thus, with the help of social workers, there is a possibility that victims may be empowered to break the silence and seek the help they need for themselves. Hence, beyond child protection issues, social workers have a role in ensuring that adults experiencing domestic abuse are adequately supported.Roles of Healthcare Professionals Essay

Existing evidence from Ellsberg et al. (2008) shows that women victims of domestic abuse experience a wide range of physical and mental health issues. While there is a dearth of research evidence on the impact of domestic abuse on the male victims, evidence from Bacchus et al. (2018) shows that for male victims of domestic abuse, there are significant health impacts from the abusive experience, usually buried under the perception that no one will believe them. However, with referral to specialist services, victims of domestic abuse should be appropriately supported to deal with the situation, and social workers play a pivotal role in this referral process.

Legal Aid

Recent changes in legislation have shown that social workers have an important role to play in supporting people experiencing domestic abuse. The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (LASPO) 2012 (UK Government, 2012) detailed the level of evidence that can be submitted in support of private family law matters. Although the Act mentioned that healthcare professionals are able to provide documentary evidence for legal aid, so that victims can get the legal support they need, it was not clearly stated that such documentary evidence can be provided by social workers. However, recent changes in the law (UK Government, 2017) shows that social workers have now been recognised as being in a position to identify and refer people experiencing domestic violence and are thus able to provide documentary evidence in support of legal aid for victims. As described by Legal Aid Agency (2018), registered social workers are able to provide written confirmation of the authenticity of the abusive experience, provided they have examined the victim themselves.Roles of Healthcare Professionals Essay

This change in legislation has had a significant impact on the extent that social workers can now support victims of domestic abuse. As people who are experiencing domestic abuse are likely to be dependent financially on the perpetrator and may not have the financial resources to be able to afford to pay for legal services (Eriksson and Ulmestig, 2017), this role of social workers is very important, especially when there is need to fight for the custody of children, and to criminalise the offense committed by the perpetrator.


Domestic abuse is a private problem that have major public impacts on the health and wellbeing of the people affected and the entire country. It results in significant health problems that affect the economy, victim’s ability to work and study, as well as the healthcare system. This essay provided an overview of the definition and terminologies of domestic abuse, as part of the background for the ideas presented on the role of social workers in supporting people experiencing domestic violence and abuse.Roles of Healthcare Professionals Essay

Three key roles were identified. Firstly, it was identified that social workers have a role in identifying victims of domestic abuse, especially since identification have been shown to help break the cycle of abuse. Secondly, the importance of signposting and referral to specialist domestic abuse services was also discussed, and it was stated that referral from social workers may help victims to seek the help they need. Thirdly, the change in legislation, which has now resulted in social workers being able to provide documentary evidence in support of legal aid was also highlighted. By fulfilling these three roles, social workers are able to help people in dire situations.

List of Reference:

Bacchus, L. J., Buller, A. M., Ferrari, G., Brzank, P. & Feder, G. (2018) “It’s Always Good to Ask”: A Mixed Methods Study on the Perceived Role of Sexual Health Practitioners Asking Gay and Bisexual Men About Experiences of Domestic Violence and Abuse. Journal of mixed methods research, 12(2), 221-243.Roles of Healthcare Professionals Essay

Ellsberg, M., Jansen, H. A., Heise, L., Watts, C. H. & Garcia-Moreno, C. (2008) Intimate partner violence and women’s physical and mental health in the WHO multi-country study on women’s health and domestic violence: an observational study. The Lancet, 371(9619), 1165-1172.

Eriksson, M. & Ulmestig, R. (2017) “It’s Not All About Money”: Toward a More Comprehensive Understanding of Financial Abuse in the Context of VAW. Journal of interpersonal violence,0886260517743547.

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The role of the Health professional
The aim of this essay is to explore the role of the health professional. This essay will look into the different team members that would be dispatched to the scene of the major incident. It will look into different concepts, such as ethical and moral dilemmas the professional may have to deal with. It will also look in to the professional qualities and values needed to practise in a specific field and explain how and why a professional body regulates practise and conduct for specific professions.
AC1.2 The first team member to arrive at the scene would be the Ambulance crew, the crew would consist of a Paramedic and a technician, and then a Doctor, student doctor, nurse and a student nurse would be dispatched,…show more content…
Being able to work as part of a team is vital. You will need to have the confidence to deal with emotionally charged situations. You also have to possess the right values to be a good nurse, so you would to treat people as individuals whilst respecting their dignity, to make the care of people your first concern and to act without delay if you believe a patient, colleague or the environment is putting someone at risk. There is also the “6C’s which are Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage and Commitment” (Public Health England December 2012). These where introduced in light of the Francis Report and a three year Compassion in Practise strategy in 2013, so the proposal would be that all nurses would be recruited in line with the 6C’s. So this proves that it is vital that potential and current nurses learn and carry out values of nursing in their practise. AC2.1Nurses can be expected to work in a range of different contexts from a hospital setting to out in the community and local Authority services these are all statutory organisations, and are all funded and governed by the government. Nurses also work in non-statutory organisations such as Private Care Homes and Private hospital these organisations are not funded by the government. Roles of Healthcare Professionals Essay
The Importance of the NMC is foremost to protect the health and wellbeing of the public. The NMC will also investigate nurses and Midwives who do not adhere to the standards. It also ensures that Nurse and Midwives keep up to date on all training to improve their skills, knowledge and to uphold all professional standards. It allows the public to see if Nursing or Midwifery professionals are under investigation and if so what the reason is and why they are being investigated.

healthcare professional is an organization or person(s), who delivers proper healthcare to any individual who is need of health care services. Today’s healthcare industry is considered to be one of the largest industries in the world. Currently the health care industry includes thousands and thousands of hospitals and institutions which provide primary, secondary and tertiary care. To deliver this, the industry needs healthcare workers and amongst these the largest number of workers seems to be nurses who are always busy in providing care to each and every patient. A nurse’s job is very demanding as it is a very physical and challenging profession. Health care professionals include physicians,dentists,physicians assistant,nurse practitioners,nurses,pharmaconomists/pharmacists,therapists, psychologists, chiropractors,physical therapists,optometrists,paramedics and a wide variety of other individuals regulated and/or licensed to provide some type of health care.Roles of Healthcare Professionals Essay


The desire to be a nurse originated in one’s self from an early age when I knew that I always wanted to help others in some way. I first noticed and actually became fascinated with the nursing profession when I used to frequently visit the hospitals and had treatment there myself. This gave me first hand contact with nurses and I actually got to see for myself how they operate on a daily basis and what their role entails. I have found that one needs to be very compassionate and I felt that this is a necessary quality needed in nurses as I saw for myself. It takes a special type of person to be a nurse as it is a job where a lot of skills are needed and used on a daily basis. A lot of the times nurses have to put up with patients that are uncooperative, sometimes they are even abusive, yet the nurse still manages to treat the patient(s) with the same amount of dignity and care. In the time I spent observing these healthcare professionals I noticed that sometimes there actions go unpraised and yet the nurses still seemed unfazed by this and carry on with their daily tasks with the utmost professionalism. Having witnessed this first hand, my ambition to become a nurse became stronger and it made me more determined.Roles of Healthcare Professionals Essay

The roles and responsibilities of nurses are many and can be varied pending on the actual role. In basic terms they are responsible for the treatment and recovery of sick and injured patients. They are also involved in health maintenance and treating people in life threatening situations. They do this across all their specialities and different work settings. Nurses assess and treat patients as well as carry out procedures under the instruction of doctors and collaborate with other healthcare professionals. They will often coordinate the work of others involved in patient care such as doctors, other nurses, therapists and also liaise with the patient’s family. Another responsibility is to ensure that they protect the patient by ensuring a healthy and safe environment free from infection. They educate a patient and they’re family on any health issues and by doing this it gives the patient the best possible chance of recovery and helps with ongoing good health. Nurses also give grief counselling to family members of patients who are critically ill or who have died where necessary. Patients are the main responsibility of nurses and this is a 24 hour a day job and this includes making sure the patient can breathe properly and is hydrated and that they get sufficient rest. Their responsibilities might include tasks sometimes performed by doctors. While a doctor will usually conduct the surgery the nurse usually arranges intravenous therapy. They will usually set up an intravenous drip and provide the fluids and drugs needed. They will also administer the patient with an injection if required. Changing the patients dressing and monitoring the progress of the patient lies with the nurse. Monitoring a patient’s vital signs is a big responsibility for a nurse. They are also responsible for the accurate keeping of records. Accurate records are all aspects that are taken and might include medical history, symptoms, what the patient has eaten or drunk, medication, pulse, temperature, blood pressure, bowel movements and any visits by specialists etc. In some communities where doctors are few, the nurse will diagnose and treat basic illnesses, prescribe medication and conduct minor surgery. Nurses may conduct immunisation clinics, health screening, blood drives and seminars on health issues.Roles of Healthcare Professionals Essay Health promotion has become an increasingly important role where nurses educate and assist patients and the public to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. Nurses even sometimes have to visit patients in their own homes and provide similar care to that in hospitals. They will assess the home environment and care for, and give advice to the patient and their family.

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The code of conduct is there to protect both medical staff and patients. As it clearly sets out the guidelines under which the staff should act upon. At the beginning the conduct clearly states that a person should act professionally as they are always accountable for their own actions and omissions. From this we can see that it already tells the medical staff how they should operate at all times and that there should not be any room for error in their judgements. It also protects them from any unruly patients. The other main points of the conduct from which they can gather information and should always adhere to are:- Subsection 1: that you make the care of people your first concern and that you should treat them as individuals and respect their dignity. Subsection 2: Work with others to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of those in your care, their families and carers, and the wider community. Subsection 3: Provide a high standard of practice and care at all times. Subsection 4: Be open and honest, act with integrity and uphold the reputation of your profession. From these rules, medical staff can get the guidance needed to help them perform their roles with ease and without any complications. If they adhere to these regulations it will always safeguard them from any actions that may arise from patients. For example when a patient that has been treated by them and feels that they did not get treated properly tries to take them to court to pursue any libel action, they would be protected if they followed the code of conduct and acted appropriately.Roles of Healthcare Professionals Essay

A drunken driver rams his pickup truck into a stationary car, injuring a 55 year old Jehovah’s Witness woman who was behind the wheel of that car. She was then admitted into hospital with severe injuries, meaning that she was in need of an operation to save her life. Whilst having the operation it would mean that she would have to undergo a blood transfusion. As a nurse was preparing her for surgery she noticed a dated and signed card in her wallet that stated “that she was a Jehovah’s Witness and did not want to receive any blood transfusions under any circumstances”. Having found this, the nurse now faced a moral and ethical dilemma because under the NMC’s code of conduct it states that one must ensure that they gain the consent of a patient before any treatment is administered. On one hand the nurse knew that without the blood transfusion the patient would not survive. Yet if she were to go ahead and administer the blood transfusion it would go against the persons religious belief and what the code of conduct states. As the nurse did not know what to do she consulted a senor nurse in charge and asked her whether they should go ahead against the wishes of the patient and save her or follow the code of conduct down to the last word and let her be due to her religious beliefs? The senior nurse then told the nurse that their hands were tied due to fact that they could not proceed if a person does not give their consent to any treatment no matter how badly they are in need of it. A Jehovah’s Witness cannot accept a blood transfusion as it would make them an outcast from their faith. Even though they both knew that without the transfusion the women would not survive long they were still bound by the code of conduct. So now they were both in a moral and ethical quandary as they were debating on what they should do? Roles of Healthcare Professionals Essay

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