Sociological Concepts and Theories


Our nation is more divided – politically, socially, culturally – than at any point since the Civil War. Liberals and conservatives have different views on the path our country is taking, on the power of authority, and how involved the government should be in our personal lives. At the same time, Americans have become more distrustful of institutions like the news media and the federal government, and many feel uncertain about the way forward.

For your final assignment, use the sociological concepts and theories we’ve studied throughout the semester to define and examine our political and cultural moment. How can we understand this divisive moment in our national history through the lens of sociology? You may choose to focus on a specific example or talk more generally about current trends, but either way, your goal here is to take a step back from the day-to-day events and observe our country through the sociological perspective.

Please write an essay of at approximately 500-750 words (2-3 pages) and should pull both from the course readings and from your own experiences and observations. Outside research is not necessary but must be correctly cited if used. Show me that you’ve really thought through our current national climate and that you have an understanding of the topics you’re discussing. Your essay should have both an introduction (with a thesis statement that clearly states your argument) and a conclusion.

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