Sociology- 1001 D Week 1 Essay.

Sociology- 1001 D

Week 1

Introducon to Sociology- “Sociological Thinking”
Lecture Plan
Comparing what it means to think sociologically to thinking in psychological and
individual terms
Theorecal perspecves
The sociological imaginaon -C. Wright Mills
Thinking Sociologically…Sociology- 1001 D Week 1 Essay.


-everyone has someone to bring to it- our own experiences.
-developing our own perspecves of people and society.
-looking at broader social context. (culture, class, gender etc.)
-Willingness to queson the social worlds we live in.-Stepping back to look from the outside.
-How the social world works… Why is it that way?
*the impact on lives of individuals and groups… Equality is an example.
What is Sociology?Sociology- 1001 D Week 1 Essay.
“It is the systemac study of society and social interacon” (li+le 2013)
“Sociology can be broadly de1ned as the systemac study of human society”
Many de1nions to de1ne it… it is a complicated discipline with several perspecves,
methodologies, analysis etc.
The social world comes in many di3erent forms (movies, media, speech, news etc.)
Sociological Perspec%ves
Crical and feminist
-Crical: assesses/analyzes possible obstacles or boundaries. Passing a judgement on the
perspecve of something. Who is it less fair to?
-looking at various forms of inequalies… could be on examples such as technology, women,
morals, polical issues.
Symbolic interaconist
C. Wright Mills- on the sociological imaginaon
Sociology- 1001 D Week 1 Essay.

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